Prefer to take your break outdoors? VITP’s property spans 35 acres and offers multi-use trails and pathways that connect to the District of Saanich Centennial Trail loop.  If you’re looking for a competitive outlet on your lunch hour you can organize a company game on either VITP’s basketball or volleyball court. If field sports are your fancy you can walk across the parking lot to Layritz Park and enjoy access to the baseball diamond or FIFATM regulation soccer field.

Bicycle and Walking Trails:

One of the greatest benefits to VITP is the surrounding Glendale Valley in which it is located. Nestled beautifully amongst trees and mountainous terrain, VITP has the pleasure of providing tenants with scenic bicycle and walking trails. In addition, the District of Saanich has just completed the Centennial Trail – a picturesque trail created to mark Saanich’s 100 years.

Basketball and Volleyball Courts:

During the spring and summer months, VITP’s basketball and volleyball courts are enjoyed by many at VITP. During lunch hours and breaks, it is a common sight to see companies engaged in a friendly game of basketball and volleyball.

Saanich Trails

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