Infrastructure and
support to depend on

IT Support

VITP offers access to on-site IT service providers. They provide tenants access to technical support with their equipment, network and servers and offer special VITP specific support plans that can be tailored to address individual business needs.

Communications Support

VITP provides tenants with access to a robust IT networking environment. VITP currently offers a managed services model providing full IP Telephony and Network Management for companies within the Park.

Companies within VITP will be able to leverage the existing infrastructure for one low monthly cost and will save time and valuable resources, receive huge cost savings and achieve large company functionalities.

Back-up Power

VITP offers an ultra-modern back-up power generator on site. This 900kwH generator allows VITP to remain fully operational if the region experiences any power outages. All tenants have the option of hooking onto the generator for their own power needs.

Technical Infrastructure

VITP offers its tenants and users of the Conference Centre a vast array of technical features and provides dedicated individual POP Rooms for Shaw Communications, Bell Canada, TELUS and BCNET.

From connectivity to communications, VITP showcases the latest in IT technology for tenants and users alike.

  • Secure LAN infrastructure with access anywhere in the building and isolation for each local tenant
  • High bandwidth 10/100 MB data and Internet services
  • High speed Internet routing and firewall
  • Encrypted remote access VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to the VITP network
  • IP based voice and video telephone system
  • Voicemail with secure email integration per tenant
  • Public wireless access to the Internet