Community Garden

Our own “100 metre” diet!

In a continued effort to increase sustainability at Vancouver Island Technology Park, a Community Garden has been developed at the back of the Boiler House for VITP employees. This has been one of the most popular initiatives that we have undertaken recently; after only 24 hours of offering them to the VITP Community, all 32 plots were snatched up! We already have a substantial waiting list, and are thrilled with the positive feedback that we have received from our various tenants.

Community Gardens are important tools towards success in reducing our carbon foot print, by allowing those who choose to live in urban areas the opportunity to spend some time working with nature and by growing food they reduce their reliance on transported produce. Office based Community Gardens create many benefits for workplaces and their employees. Our Community Garden is a common meeting place where employees can socialize while working together to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits. The Garden will provide an environmentally friendly source of healthy local produce for VITP employees, while providing friendly competition to see who can grow the best tomatoes. Gardeners often report eating more vegetables and fruit compared to non-gardeners. Working in a garden has also been shown to decrease stress levels in individuals and provides employees with an opportunity to be physically active at work. To learn more about the benefits of Community Gardens in our district, please visit the Municipality of Saanich.

Employees of the Park are able to lease the 4×8 garden plots for an annual fee.  Once the success of the first year has been evaluated, additional plots may be added next Spring. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please contact our office at