Hard Drive Cafe

The Hard Drive Café is owned by the Vancouver Island Technology Park and operated by Geffen Gourmet Catering (Todd Feser and Na’ama Regev) which opened along with the Park in 2002. With exceptional food being the staple of the café, the Hard Drive provides service to all 34 tenants at the Park, as well as to visitors and students from Camosun College. VITP has provided a 100-inch screen so users of the cafe can be entertained while dining.

With an array of different tenants existing at the Park, a variety of functions are held in the Conference Centre. From company meetings to provincial press announcements to national conferences, the Hard Drive Café caters with the utmost professionalism.

The Hard Drive Cafe can provide meal and services to:

  • Tenant suites
  • Conference Centre
  • Private Receptions
  • Boardroom events

Hard Drive Cafe commitment to corporate social responsibility:

  • All “to go” packaging is bio-degradable
  • Coffee cups are made from post recycled materials
  • All coffee products meet fairtrade standards
  • All packaging materials in the kitchen are recyclable
  • All used oils are recycled to a local company
  • Use free range local eggs
  • Use local suppliers as much as possible
  • Use only Island Farms dairy in an effort to support Vancouver Island dairy farmers
  • All muffins are trans-fat free
  • Granola muslix is organic
  • Use 100% canola oil in all deep-fried foods
  • All soups and salads are made with no preservatives

Hours of Operation:

7:30am to 4:00pm
Monday to Friday

Contact Information:

Na’ama Regev
#2104 – 4464 Markham Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8
Phone: 250.920.9137
Fax: 250.483.3201
Email: info@geffencatering.com