Powering Innovation and Collaboration

VITP is powered by BCNET’s advanced, high speed, high capacity fibre optic 10- Gigabit, 72-wavelength network. BCNET’s province-wide network connects VITP to research facilities across B.C. and over 80 countries around the globe through CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network. The advanced network is dedicated to supporting research, education and innovation.

BCNET Network Services for VITP tenants:

Collaboration facilities using BCNET’s network: BCNET’s unfettered network provides the infrastructure for 24/7, no-cost, life-like meeting experiences for tenants at VITP. Tenants can use VITP’s facilities to communicate freely with research and higher education institutions around the world.

BCNET Advanced Network Services. For organizations involved in research and require data collaboration with a university or research facility.

BCNET High-performance Network and Network Exchange Services. For organizations that require dedicated, high speed, fibre optic networks, and want to reduce network and Internet service costs, increase redundancy and peer with a community of government and high education organizations.

For more information about connecting to BCNET, please contact or call 604-822-1348.