UVic Industry Partnerships

UVic Industry Partnerships is a subsidiary of the University of Victoria responsible for facilitating research partnerships between the private sector and the University. The office also manages intellectual property for the University, helping researchers evaluate, protect, advance and transfer innovations.

UVic Industry Partnerships works very closely with the Office of Research Services, Office of the Vice President of Research, Co-op, Government Relations and other departments to assist in the advancement of UVic’s research mission.

To date, the UVIC Industry Partnerships-VITP partnership has successfully transferred both Genologics and Terapeak (formerly AERS) into mature hi-tech companies. Both companies continue to experience high growth at VITP.

About UVic Industry Partnerships

Now more than ever, universities are recognizing the value of collaborating with industry to grow technology.  The University of Victoria is putting a greater emphasis on promoting and supporting university-industry research partnerships and knowledge transfer.

UVic believes that growing technology in partnership with industry can be a much more effective means of transferring technology from the academic environment to the commercial environment.  Working collaboratively with industry also enables both UVic and its industry partners to access public funding programs and to share resources. This benefits UVic researchers and students, industry partners and the economy as a whole.

UVic: A unique learning environment

The University of Victoria is a rich and supportive learning community for students and faculty alike. Widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement, UVic provides innovative programs and real-life learning experiences in a diverse and welcoming West Coast environment.

In September 2010, UVic climbed to 130th in the world and 6th place in Canada in the Times Higher Education’s annual World University Rankings. UVic was the top-ranked university in Canada without a medical school. There are nine Canadian universities in the top 200.