District of Saanich

The Vancouver Island Technology Park is located in the District of Saanich. Being a strong community contributor, VITP is recognized by Saanich as a key economic driver for the District. VITP currently holds a position on the District of Saanich’s Planning Transportation and Economic Development Advisory Committee – a committee designed to ensure a healthy economy for Saanich in the future.

Saanich is a community supported by a vibrant and diverse economy, connected locally, regionally, and globally. Its challenge is to build an economy that is responsive to change and provides viable economic opportunities in a rapidly globalizing world.

The clean, appealing environment, skilled workforce and responsible public services make Saanich an ideal location in which to live, work and conduct business. Its community infrastructure sustains and enhances the Saanich economy, while meeting social and environmental commitments. Growing the commercial tax base ensures long term financial sustainability.

Saanich takes a leadership role in promoting and supporting community economic interests and actively participates in regional economic development strategies. It pursues growth in clean economic sectors and expands commercial opportunities focused on village centres. It is proud of its reputation for preservation and promotion of its key economic advantages and high quality of life in an environment that appeals to citizens and businesses.