Going Beyond LEED



pulse energy dashboard
Visit our real-time Pulse Energy dashboard to see how we’re proactively measuring our energy consumption.

VITP continues to provide clients excellence through environmental stewardship by taking their operations beyond LEED standards.

VITP has institutionalized “the Network as the Fourth Utility” by introducing innovative building infrastructure. By elevating the importance of connectivity and integrating a building mediator with energy monitoring software, VITP has been able to cut the cost on operations, reduce energy consumption as well as minimize their own carbon footprint. Monitoring energy consumption in real-time allows VITP to proactively identify energy savings opportunities.

Benefits obtained by implementing the “4th Utility”:

  • Differentiation
  • Tenant attraction
  • Triple bottom line
  • New interaction, environments, and business

The power of place + the human network = increased productivity and reduced carbon footprint

It’s not just the companies who demand it – it’s their employees…

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