In 2010, VITP launched a Thought Leadership Series with the intent to bring together leaders from the knowledge community for inspirational evenings. Part of VITP’s culture is driven by a continual generation of fresh perspectives and ideas to stimulate and fuel entrepreneurial innovation and success.

It’s a case
for good business

We’re more than just the best commercial real estate in Victoria.

Where else can you find a facility that is home to the greatest concentration of technology companies on the Island? A unique combination of both public and private companies? And amenities that allow its people to be healthy and happy in their workplace, while all being located in a beautiful park?

VITP is strategically designed in a manner that allows all of our companies to connect to one another via corridors that link all three buildings together. This structural design has developed a synergy amongst companies that can create a value to any given company. Below is a list of some of the ways VITP can assist you and your business!

  • VITP creates an environment that allows companies to attract and retain high-value jobs for the community.
  • VITP assists in the identification and introduction of angels, venture capitalists and institutional bankers.
  • VITP promotes the reputation of its academic institutional partners.
  • VITP partners with technology associations to attract and retain high-technology companies.
  • VITP develops lasting partnerships among regional, national and international industries, governments and academia institutions.

VITP has a secure relationship with the University of Victoria, its research capacity, and the human capital therein. VITP remains passionate about creating jobs for the people of the province. Allowing students the ability to study here and then eventually work here, and will allow the province to retain the bright individuals we work so hard to create in BC’s education systems. With strong ties to local, regional, national, and international business communities, the Tech Park already has demand for expansion, based on interest from both existing and potential new tenants.

VITP has the necessary positioning as a market leader to continue its growth to further solidify its position in the marketplace. The proposed expansion of Phase II will assist in protecting the Park’s market share while providing additional sources of revenue for stakeholders, further ensuring that Vancouver Island’s technology community continues to grow and prosper.