“The University of Victoria’s Vancouver Island Technology Park has surpassed our expectations for technological breakthroughs, job creation and expanded capacity for knowledge transfer. Its dynamic combination of new companies, established companies and university start-ups makes it one of the region’s most significant contributors to knowledge generation and economic growth.” – Dr. David Turpin, President, University of Victoria

“It is very exciting to see how the technolgy community on Vancouver Island has evolved and matured over the past five years. The VITP is a unique and important driver of this growth as it provides an ideal backdrop for collaboration and mentorship among our companies. Victoria’s technology community is now a well-connected group with ‘critical mass’ thanks to VITP and its vision. These benefits and the ensuing opportunities extend to all technology based companies in the region.” – Art Alyesworth, Former CEO, Carmanah Technologies

“The Vancouver Island Technology Park is a valued partner, friend and neighbour to Camosun College. We greatly value the VITP’s contribution to the sustainable economic and social development of our region, and are encouraged to see the tech park working to grow and further its positive impact.” – Dr. Liz Ashton – Former President, Camosun College

“Anyone who visits Municipal Software for the first time, whether they are clients, partners, potential investors or employees, are impressed by the environment created at the Tech Park. Given that it is the centre of so many things that happen in the tech community, access to these activities or events is also facilitated by the location.” – Robert Bennett, Founder, Municipal Software & CEO in Residence, Centre4Growth

“The Tech Park is a very important economic driver in the capital region. It houses many of our leading companies and supports the development of technology and biotech industry. Continued growth in the technology sector is key to diversifying our economy and the Tech Park is an integral part of that strategy.” – Bruce Carter, CEO, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

“VITP is the hub of Vancouver Island’s growing technology community. Aspreva Pharmaceuticals is pleased to be part of the vision and culture at VITP that’s helping to initiate global recognition of BC’s technology sector.” – Richard M. Glickman, Co-Founder, Aspreva Pharmaceuticals

“Appropriate facilities and space are a key element to growing any local economy. The Vancouver Island Technology park has provided world-class space to help Victoria grow world-class companies. Expanding the current space available at the Vancouver Island Technology Park is one of the most important steps needed to ensure that Victoria’s $1 billion tech industry continues to grow at rates faster than the rest of BC.” – Dan Gunn, Executive Director, VIATeC

“The District of Saanich and the Greater Victoria community are very proud of the Vancouver Island Technology Park and the businesses that call it home. We look forward to their continued success.” – Frank Leonard, Mayor, District of Saanich

“Stanford showed that the project was sound. The Vancouver Island Technology Park filled quickly and technology is expanding at a faster rate than all the other industries on Vancouver Island. With the growth of the present companies and the new technology coming from the University of Victoria, the space is needed. Our facilities are certainly interested in acquiring more space.” – Dr. D.B. Rix, Former Chair, MDS Metro

“The Vancouver Island Technology Park has become a great example of how the clustering of companies can stimulate innovation and the building of critical mass in our technology industries. Facilities like VITP are also vitally important to the life science industry specifically; as they offer a valuable focal point for the international investors and partners we need in order to be globally competitive.” – Karimah Es Sabar, Former Executive Director, Life Science BC