Jeff_MaudieBike to Work Week Victoria took place from May 27th – June 2nd this year and VITP’s own security staff member Jeff Maudie participated in the event and has been featured on their website and Facebook page! Click here for the original article. Way to go Jeff!!!

Cycling is the best part of my day

After retiring from my teaching job in Alberta in 2005, I moved to Victoria. Since getting my current job in 2006 I have done my daily commute of about 10 kilometres one-way from Colwood to the Technology Park by bike. I started cycling 38 years ago, and cycled to and from work in Alberta when I could.

Of course weather and distances in Alberta can be a challenge for bike commuting so it is difficult to do it year-round. We are so fortunate to have the good weather and infrastructure that we do here in Victoria that accommodates cycling.

I am fortunate that my employer provides terrific, secure bike facilities for us. I can cycle right up to the front door, and easily get my bike into the bike room which is very secure. Knowing your bike is safe and the ease of entering our bike facilities is great. Plus, we have lockers to put heavier items in, and showers to get freshened up in.

You only have to try it to really understand how enjoyable cycling to and from work can be. Often it can be the best part of the day, listening to birds, challenging yourself to see if you can make it up a particular hill. I cycle rain or shine, but for those who don’t want to cycle in the rain, just cycle on dry days. Can you imagine the impact on our roadways if everyone in a 15 or 16 kilometre radius of their workplace cycled to work even one or two days a week? Any bike commuting contributes to your health, cash flow and environment in a positive way.

Try it. You might like it.

Jeff Maudie