VITP is excited to be participating in the 2012 United Way Campaign!

The United Way is focusing on three major issues that affect our community:

  • All that Kids can be– child and youth programs that prevent bullying, enhance self esteem and increase school success
  • Healthy people, Strong Communities– Programs that help individuals overcome isolation, mental health and addiction issues while building strong community connections
  • From Poverty to possibility– Programs to help individuals develop skills to move out of poverty and become self-sufficient

Through our campaign, VITP is hoping to increase awareness of these issues and raise money to help. The United Way works together with a variety of charities to tackle issues in our community. In addition, the United Way works to make sure any fiscal donations are dealt with in the most efficient manner that will have the greatest effect.

Let’s help make a change in our local community, and donate to VITP’s United Way Campaign!

For more information check out the United Way of Greater Victoria’s website  and their Facebook Page.