vidtime logoVITP is very happy to announce a new tenant will be joining us over in the Innov8 Hub!

VidTime is a new way of connecting artists and their audiences through live online video.  Their website allows performers to register and schedule events for free and helps them market those events to their fans and collect payment for viewing the event live online.

VidTime makes it easy for everyone to connect and communicate. Their platform uses a new, simple broadcasting interface – one click and any performer with any camera and any PC will be streaming Live video to their audience. Viewers can see and hear sold out performances or shows far from home, find new content that they may love, and connect with other fans through their chat system.

Their primary mission is to provide artists and broadcasters with the ability to connect to their audience by removing the barriers of technology and economics. Using the power of universal access to online video broadcasts, they will allow the organic formation of communities around shared interests in artists, teachers and performers.

We are very excited to have VidTime move into our offices and we look forward to exciting things from them in the future!

Check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter page!