Victoria’s Wifarer has been receiving a lot of interest and applause recently for its innovative software applications, notably its a software system that works with handheld devices to provide what is essentially indoor GPS system.

Wifarer has developed a revolutionary solution to a chronic problem: navigating inside large complex buildings. Wifarer has commercialized the world’s only indoor GPS solution that doesn’t require the installation of hardware – our smart phone app uses data from a venue’s existing WiFi system to pinpoint a smart phone’s location in a venue in real time.

Wifarer represents a visitor’s location with a beacon on a map that moves when they do; visitors need only glance at their smart phone screens to instantly know where they are, even in large, complex, multi-story venues. Wifarer’s searchable directory helps visitors find what they’re looking for, and its locator engine provides them with turn-by-turn directions to their destinations in the language of their choice. And because Wifarer knows where visitors are, it provides them with personalized content specifically targeted to where they are standing (including coupons, video, images, and audio.)

Wifarer’s technology is aimed at the $8 billion indoor wayfinding industry. Just as GPS revolutionized how people navigate outside, Wifarer is revolutionizing how they navigate inside.