Victoria, BC – December 2, 2010 – VIATeC has announced the VIATeC 25 for 2010. An annual listing of the largest technology companies headquartered or founded in Greater Victoria, the VIATeC 25 is based on revenue, and is sponsored by KPMG and Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP.

“The annual VIATeC g25 list of the region’s top technology companies is an important way to track growth, recognize the achievements of local technology companies, and demonstrate to potential employees, investors, customers and the general public the impact and importance the advanced technology sector has on the local economy,” said VIATeC Executive Director Dan Gunn.

This year’s VIATeC 25 have combined estimated calendar 2010 revenues of $784,685,000 for a median average of $15 million in annual revenues. These 25 companies are currently employing 3034 making it two years in a row that the total full time employment numbers for the VIATeC 25 has increased 11% over the previous year.

“Looking back to when we started this annual listing, we never would have imagined that the numbers would grow so quickly. To see the revenue numbers more than double, employment to grow 76% and the cut-off to make the list almost quadruple in just six years is very exciting.”, noted Gunn.

“These 25 companies have played a key role in driving our sector’s revenues to $1.95 billion. With our sector’s heavy focus on export markets, many are surprised by the overall size of the sector and we are delighted to have an annual list that shows what just a handful of the nearly 900 tech companies in Greater Victoria are accomplishing. These results further demonstrate that our sector has come of age and is firmly established as one of the lynch pins of our local economic future,” said Gunn.

The 2010 revenue numbers are up 7.5% from the $729 million reported in 2009. Considering the ongoing global economic situation and the fact that Aspreva stopped reporting to the VIATeC 25 after being acquired in 2008 we have seen the local tech sector show tremendous strength.

Results of the 2010 VIATeC 25 survey were announced at the annual VIATeC Christmas Party on December 2, 2010, where over 250 members of the tech community gathered to celebrate the end of another successful year.

To be eligible for inclusion in the VIATeC 25, a company must be a legally incorporated technology company founded or with headquarters in Greater Victoria, and must be among the 25 largest technology companies in Greater Victoria, as ranked by revenues.

KPMG assisted VIATeC with the development of the survey and gathering and compiling the resultant data for the final list.

The 2010 VIATeC 25 (in alphabetical order):
Archipelago Marine Research
AXYS Technologies Inc
Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc
Boardwalk Communications
Camacc Systems
Carmanah Technologies
Contech Enterprises Inc.
Daniels Electronics Ltd.
FTS Forest Technology Systems
HP Advanced Solutions Inc.
JEA Pension System Solutions
MDA Access BC
MYRA Systems
Reliable Controls
Schneider Electric
Scott Plastics Ltd.
UNIT4 Business Software
Vecima Networks Inc.
Viking Air Ltd.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Total Combined Revenues: 563,595,250 794,473,278 866,087,305 762,871,117 729,852,010 784,685,000
Average Revenues 22,543,810 31,778,931 34,643,492 30,514,845 29,194,080 31,387,400
Median 11,500,000 13,000,000 13,300,000 14,850,000 15,000,000
Total Full Time Positions 2334 2441 2474 2468 2738 3034