July 11, 2012


[UVic Ocean & Marine Technology News] A new eco-friendly anti-fouling technology developed at the University of Victoria providing a new alternative to products currently being used in marine and other environments has been licensed by GreenCentre Canada with the support of UVic Industry Partnerships.

“This technology has dozens of applications and will be in instant demand when available,” says Lynn Leger, director of commercial development at GreenCentre. “People want to control things like moss, mold and mildew, but don’t want to use toxic products to do it.”

This special class of anti-fouling additives, found in certain products aimed at slowing the growth of organisms that affect performance and durability, was created by UVic organic chemist Dr. Thomas Fyles in collaboration with Bob Rowe of Rhocraft R&D.  The pair brought the innovation to UVic Industry Partnerships (UVic IP), the university’s industry liaison office, in 2005 to patent the technology and to get support for some of the initial product testing.

“The technology was initially slated to be used in marine coatings. It rapidly breaks down in sea water and does not accumulate in marine organisms,” says Fyles, “making it an environmentally friendly alternative to other commercially available biocides. When the active agent is no longer on the surface doing its job, it falls apart into non-toxic compounds.”

GreenCentre Canada is targeting three initial application areas for the product: control of fungus on greenhouse surfaces, control of black mold on buildings and the prevention of fouling in oil and gas lines.

“Licensing to GreenCentre Canada was a natural choice for this particular technology,” says UVic IP CEO Brent Sternig.  “They add incredible value to our technology transfer processes by investing in new market identification, commercial testing, scale-up and by bringing a whole suite of commercial partners to the table.”

UVic IP and GreenCentre Canada are collaborating on a number of green technology solutions developed by UVic researchers with a goal of rapidly determining novelty, impact and commercial interest. This eco-friendly anti-fouling technology is the first of what UVic IP hopes is a long line of innovations to evolve from the partnership between UVic and GreenCentre Canada. As part of the Canada Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, GreenCentre Canada is also a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence established in 2009 to advance green chemistry innovations at Canadian universities.


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