The Times Colonist along with other Postmedia papers across the country are now offering Canadians great savings every day and just in time for holiday shopping.

Introducing SwarmJam – a group buying site that allows you to take advantage of sweet daily deals, some up to 90% off!

SwarmJam brings you sweet deals of 50% off or more for shows, restaurants, fashion, activities and family adventures right in your neighbourhood.

The great offers are available because groups are assembled with collective purchasing power. SwarmJam offers big value discounts to Victoria shoppers and in the case of progressive deals, discounts can actually grow as more people join the swarm.

How does SwarmJam work?

To join a group, click the “Buy Button” and follow the instructions. You will only be charged if the swarm is big enough. If you want the deal, use the social media links available on each page to spread the word, because the deals can often get better if there are more people interested.

Go to to join The Hive. Spread the word to family and friends so that they can also take advantage of the sweet daily deals.