All 12 sessions of TED 2014 will be streaming live in the VITP Conference Room throughout the week of March 17th – 21st. Feel free to drop in and join us to watch an amazing lineup of over 60 intriguing and inspiring speakers!

Full Schedule:

Monday, March 17th

Session 1: Liftoff. 6:00pm – 7:45pm

-Nicholas Negroponte (Tech Visionary), Chris Hadfield (Astronaut), Elizabeth Gilbert (Writer), The Educational Reformer

Tuesday, March 18th

Session 2: Retrospect. 8:30am – 10:15am

-Bran Ferren (Technology Designer), Marc Kushner (Architect), Yoruba Richen (Documentary Filmaker), Mark Ronson (Music Producer and DJ)

Session 3: Reshape. 11:00am – 12:45pm

-Matthew Carter (Type Designer), Amanda Burden (Urban Planner), David Kwong (Cruciverbalist), Gavin Schmidt (Climate Scientist), Peggy Liu (Sustainability Catalyst)

Session 4: Wish. 6:00pm – 7:45pm

-Zak Ebrahim (Peace Activist), Melinda Gates & Bill Gates (Philanthropists), Charmian Gooch (Anti-corruption activist)

Wednesday, March 19th

Session 5: Us. 8:30am – 10:15am

-Nancy Kanwisher (Brain Researcher), Rob Knight (Microbial Ecologist), Joe Mooallem (Writer), Geena Rocero (Model and Activist), David Chalmers (Philosopher), Charlie Rose (Conservationalist)

Session 6: Wired. 11:00am – 12:45pm

-Margaret Gould Stewart (User Experience Master), Del Harvey (Security Maven), Chris Kluwe (Punter and Author), Jeremy Kasdin (Planet Finder), Avi Reichental (3D Printer), Stephen Friend (Open-Science Advocate), Hugh Herr (Prostheticist)

Session 7: Why? 6:00pm – 7:45pm

-Wendy Chung (Geneticist), Helder Guimaraes (Magician), Allan Adams (Theoretical Physicist), Jason Webley (Musician), Jim Holt (Writer and Philosopher)

Thursday, March 20th

Session 8: Hacked. 9:00am – 10:30am

-Marco Tempest (Techno-Illusionist), Keren Elazari (Cybersecurity Expert), David Epstein (Sports Science Reporter), Ed Yong (Science Writer), Michael Laberge (Plasma Physicist)

Session 9: Signals. 11:30am – 1:00pm

-Sara Lewis (Firefly Specialist), Deborah Gordon (Ecologist), Ray Kurzweil (Inventor, Futurist), Randall Munroe (Cartoonist), Andrew Connolly (Astronomer), Will Marshall (Space Scientist), Louie Schwartzberg (Filmmaker)

Session 10: Passion. 5:00pm – 6:45pm

-Ben Saunders (Arctic Explorer), Sarah Lewis (Writer), Mellody Hobson (Investment Expert), Masarat Daud (Rural Education Campaigner), Isabel Allende (Novelist), Shaka Senghor (Author), Blood Orange (Musician, Producer)

Friday, March 21st

                Session 11: Unstress. 9:00am – 10:30am

-Raspyni Brothers (Jugglers), Jennifer Senior (Writer), Sarah Jones (Polymorphic Playwright), Simon Sinek (Leadership Expert), Kevin Briggs (Golden Gate Guardian)

Session 12: Onward. 11:30am – 1:00pm

-Joi Ito (Relentless Mind), Shai Reshef (Educational Entrepreneur), Andrew Solomon (Writer), Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly (Gun Law Activists), Julia Sweeney (Actor, Comedian, Playwright)

View the TED website for full details and bios on the speakers!