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BC Tech Startup goes National after Vancouver 2010 Olympic Success

SendtoNews Video Inc. launches next-generation multi-media distribution service

Victoria, B.C. January 31, 2011 – Newsroom content delivery service SendtoNews Video Inc. (“SendtoNews”) today announced the launch of its next generation, cloud-based multi-media distribution service that enables customers to extend the reach of their broadcast quality video content.

SendtoNews’ current customers include the BC RCMP, the BC Government, Canadian universities, hockey leagues (ECHL and AHL), Rugby Canada, Swimming Canada and the International Triathlon Union.

“Using SendtoNews, we get our video into the hands of the media almost instantly and, more importantly, simultaneously. We have received some extremely positive feedback from newsrooms across Canada” said Inspector Tim Shields, Head of Media Relations for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia.

STN provides a unique business-to-business distribution service for all types of digital content, including high-definition video, photos, text and audio. The platform is powered by high speed file transfer technology that enables file uploads up to 75 times faster than HTTP or FTP protocols.



Mac McIntosh – Marketing for Leads and Sales
February 23, 2011

At this special, half-day seminar featuring technology marketing and lead generation expert, M. H. (Mac) McIntosh, you will learn how to generate more leads that will turn into closed sales and increased sales revenue. Take away proven business development strategies, marketing tactics tips and resources that you can put to work immediately.  View more

Eric Ries – The Lean Startup
March 1, 2011

Eric Ries, creator of the Lean Startup methodology, will demystify the myths and misconceptions that guide most start-ups today. Using examples from his own experiences in Silicon Valley, Eric will guide you through the key areas that will determine success for your tech company: business strategy, product, engineering, QA, marketing and delivery. View more


Survival on Mt. Everest applied to business


Globe and Mail Update
Published Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 3:26PM EST
Last updated Friday, Jan. 28, 2011 2:22PM EST

A quote I stumbled on recently really resonated with me. It happened to capture perfectly an idea that had been formulating for a while in my mind. It was actually Oprah who said “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” This may sound quite ordinary to some, but it happened to encapsulate what I feel is a great strength of Business School.

In the short time that I have been in B-School, the breadth of knowledge I have been exposed to and the quality of talented business professionals has been immense. Getting to meet and chat with a CFO of a large multinational mining company, the head of a world-renowned advertising agency and the former chief economist of a large investment bank is just a taste of the experience that our cohort has had.

Meeting truly talented and successful business professionals coming from a wide variety of disciplines, who are willing to give their time to share experiences and inspirations, is an opportunity that not many get in their daily work environment. I believe the more exposure you can get to people excelling in the field, the more likely that success will rub off on you eventually.

Ultimately, the people who surround you in your daily work and school life will be the ones whom you learn from the most and will shape your career for the years to come. However, hearing from people whom you wouldn’t usually get to meet, who have been to where you want to go, can be instrumental in your personal and professional development.

I found myself thinking this when hearing the stories of author Jim Hayhurst Sr. when he visited this week.

Mr. Hayhurst had previously been in the advertising industry and then became a founding partner in career advisers The Right Mountain, as well as being a motivational speaker and philanthropist. He wrote a book on his 1988 expedition to Mount Everest and how his experience on the mountain taught him various inspirational lessons that changed his definition of success. Ideas such as knowing your core values, relating success to your true purpose in life and looking back on past successes to gain confidence for the future were all real experiences from the mountain that are applicable to the business world.



January 24, 2011

New proteomics technology could detect risk for heart disease and cancer from a single drop of blood

Victoria, BC— A University of Victoria researcher hopes to change the nature of testing for heart disease, cancer and drug toxicity using a highly sensitive and fast machine that would only require a single drop of blood from a patient.

Called a mass spectrometer, this machine determines the weight of protein molecules in the blood, and would allow researchers to determine if key marker proteins related to heart disease or cancer are present. The mass spectrometer being used in this research is among the most sensitive spectrometers that are commercially available, and is currently the only one of its kind in Canada.

Dr. Christoph Borchers at the University of Victoria-Genome BC Proteomics Centre will use the Agilent ion funnel 6490 mass spectrometer to develop methodologies for early diagnostic tests. These tests will detect and measure biomarkers, which are proteins in a patient’s blood that can signal early and subtle health changes. Dr. Borchers hopes to apply the technology to develop inexpensive, fast, and reproducible biomarker tests for early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading cause of death in the Western hemisphere.

“When we can quantify the amount of proteins in the blood, then this can be a diagnostic tool for the doctor,” says Borchers. “If the doctor knows how much of a certain biomarker protein is in our blood when we are healthy, he or she will be able to tell when we have an imbalance and whether that puts us at risk for heart disease.”

The project, titled the Development of a High-throughput Proteomics Platform for Biomarker Verification, received funding of $200K from Genome BC and $231K from the University of Victoria-Genome BC Proteomics Centre. Genome BC’s funding is part of its Strategic Opportunities Fund, which provides funding to innovative life sciences projects and aims to increase access for BC researchers to emerging technologies being developed nationally or internationally.



Victoria, BC – Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems Inc. (Advanced), a leader in ecommerce research and data aggregation, today announced that it has closed $4 million in funding to accelerate the company’s already impressive growth and expand its data aggregation capabilities.

Advanced board chair Mr. Ian Stewart, QC, announced this investment today on behalf of the board of directors of the company. “This investment by Georgian Partners represents a significant recognition by the investment community in the future value of our business,” commented Mr. Stewart. “Also, we welcome the addition of two representatives of Georgian Partners to our board of directors.”

“We support Advanced’s vision of providing e-commerce merchants with valuable insights into real-time online product popularity, sales and pricing trends along with advanced sales reporting, proven to help increase GMV,” said Mr. Simon Chong, Managing Partner of Georgian Partners. “We have been impressed by the global adoption of Terapeak solutions as well as the company’s demonstrated ability to aggregate massive amounts of data in real time and deliver this as an SaaS solution to over 450,000 merchants.”

“AERS chose to work with Georgian Partners because of their specific market knowledge of big data and applied analytics as well as their team of operational domain experts from the enterprise software and information management space who can support the management team in accelerating growth,” said Fred Speckeen, CEO of AERS.  “The funding and guidance from Georgian Partners will allow us to expand our product offering and truly establish ourselves as a global leader in real-time ecommerce analytics.  Our goal is to become the single source for aggregated, real-time, on-demand data that represents a large percentage of all online commerce. Together we are bringing what were formerly ‘big company’ data analytics and market research to all ecommerce merchants.”

About Advanced

Advanced is a leader in ecommerce market research and payment analytics and is the sole licensor of eBay data globally. The company provides Terapeak-branded SaaS solutions to e-commerce merchants around the world.  Terapeak products aggregate over 20% of all online commerce sales data to help merchants make faster, more-profitable business decisions based on real-time market trends, pricing, and transaction data.

About Georgian Partners

Georgian Partners is a growth equity firm investing in expansion and later stage information intensive software and information aggregation companies. Georgian Partners leverages its capital and its team of strong global operators to support the growth objectives of its investments. Georgian Partners is based in Toronto, Ontario. For more information on Georgian Partners, go to

For more information:

Tim Dubroy
Director of Marketing and Communications
AERS and Terapeak

'Small forest' for charity invades Tech Park – Proceeds from creative decorations go to Times Colonist Christmas Fund

By Jeff Bell, Times Colonist December 21, 2010 6:49 AM

Charitable efforts like the Times Colonist Christmas Fund depend on a caring and generous public.

For the past 53 years, because the community steps up to contribute, the fund has been able to help people who are struggling financially or facing other challenges.

The business sector always has been an important part of the effort, as shown this year by an initiative launched at the Vancouver Island Technology Park.

Staff at the University of Victoria enterprise created a Christmas tree festival in the lobby of the main building, urging members to “decorate to give” — with all proceeds going to the TC Fund.

The Tech Park has 36 companies in its facilities, employing a total of 1,300 people.

Nikki de Goey, manager of culture and corporate relations for the park, developed the fundraising idea.

“I really wanted to get something going around the Christmas season,” she said. “I’ve always had a soft spot for the Christmas charities. We’re trying to engage the different tenants of the Tech Park and get them to showcase their company’s culture and spirit.”



(Victoria, British Columbia) The Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) is pleased to announce that Vifor Pharma (Aspreva International Ltd) has signed a three year extension to their current lease agreement for 20,000 feet of high-tech space. Vifor Pharma is the pharmaceutical business of the Galenica Group.

In 2007, Galenica acquired Aspreva Pharmaceuticals for US$915 Million to strengthen its pharmaceutical division, Vifor Pharma. Prior to the acquisition & merger, Aspreva was a global pharmaceutical company that pioneered a novel indication partnering approach to pharmaceutical business development, best exemplified within the Aspreva-Roche agreement for CellCept for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, with a focus on nephrology.

“Aspreva joined the VITP community in 2003 as a local start-up and was able to successfully develop a product and sell the company to a multi-national corporation within  four short years,” says Dale Gann, President, VITP.  “Vifor Pharma’s decision to maintain a local office is a testament to the Victoria Technology community’s ability to attract world-class talent and provide a cost effective environment to operate business.” Gann concludes, “The Vifor Pharma story is a significant achievement for the Greater Victoria Region.”

“Vifor Pharm is pleased to reconfirm our commitment with VITP,” says Martin Thornton, Director & Head Human Resources (North America).  “VITP offers an ideal environment that supports our innovative culture and the growth of knowledge based companies, such as ours.”

“Vifor is shining example of the region’s entrepreneurial spirit, and helps showcase Victoria as a place where great ideas happen,” says Sasha Angus, Economic Development Officer, Greater Victoria Development Agency. “Companies like Vifor are tremendous ambassadors for the region, helping to attract new talent and investment to the community.”

The Victoria office will, over the coming years, increasingly focus upon the global development of Vifor Pharma’s broader portfolio of compounds used in the treatment of anaemia in a range of therapeutic areas; as well as in conjunction with our strategic partner F. Hoffman- La Roche, continue activities to develop  CellCept (R) in the  treatment of  patients afflicted with  Lupus Nephritis.


Technology Park eager for expansion – Swiss drug maker signs new lease as site continues at full capacity
By Andrew A. Duffy, Times Colonist December 21, 2010 8:29 AM
One of the Vancouver Island Technology Park‘s biggest tenants has signed on for another three years, adding to the argument the epicentre of the local tech industry is ripe for expansion.

Vifor Pharma, which in 2007 bought Aspreva Pharmaceuticals for $915 million, has signed a three-year extension to its current lease of 20,000 square feet at the 200,000-square-foot park.

The company, which finds new uses for existing pharmaceuticals, said in a statement that it chose to renew its lease because the Tech Park offers an environment that supports its innovative culture and the growth of knowledge-based companies like it.

For Dale Gann, president of the Vancouver Island Technology Park, the decision affirms the park is on the right track and is primed for an expansion.

Gann said it’s also significant that Vifor, a Switzerland-based company, decided to maintain its Victoria and Canadian presence instead of relocating to Europe as Vifor has already fulfilled its obligations required of foreign companies buying Canadian firms.

“They realized that because of the talent they had, the cost of doing business and the people here they decided to stay in Canada,” said Gann, noting that is a shot in the arm for the Canadian pharmaceutical business as well as the Tech Park.


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VIATeC Announces the 2010 VIATeC 25

Victoria, BC – December 2, 2010 – VIATeC has announced the VIATeC 25 for 2010. An annual listing of the largest technology companies headquartered or founded in Greater Victoria, the VIATeC 25 is based on revenue, and is sponsored by KPMG and Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP.

“The annual VIATeC g25 list of the region’s top technology companies is an important way to track growth, recognize the achievements of local technology companies, and demonstrate to potential employees, investors, customers and the general public the impact and importance the advanced technology sector has on the local economy,” said VIATeC Executive Director Dan Gunn.

This year’s VIATeC 25 have combined estimated calendar 2010 revenues of $784,685,000 for a median average of $15 million in annual revenues. These 25 companies are currently employing 3034 making it two years in a row that the total full time employment numbers for the VIATeC 25 has increased 11% over the previous year.

“Looking back to when we started this annual listing, we never would have imagined that the numbers would grow so quickly. To see the revenue numbers more than double, employment to grow 76% and the cut-off to make the list almost quadruple in just six years is very exciting.”, noted Gunn.

“These 25 companies have played a key role in driving our sector’s revenues to $1.95 billion. With our sector’s heavy focus on export markets, many are surprised by the overall size of the sector and we are delighted to have an annual list that shows what just a handful of the nearly 900 tech companies in Greater Victoria are accomplishing. These results further demonstrate that our sector has come of age and is firmly established as one of the lynch pins of our local economic future,” said Gunn.