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Did You Know That Quality Content is Within Walking Distance?

By Susan M. Keenan, a Constant Content writer

Sourcing quality content is an essential part of any business attempting to create growth in a highly competitive market. In a technologically infused world such as we have today, the intrinsic value of exceptionally well-written content can’t be overlooked. For one thing, content is king when it comes to attracting new customers, inviting fresh business contacts to join you, and drawing traffic to your website. Without it, your company begins to fall behind, little by little.

While it is possible to compose articles for website content, press releases, newsletters, sales copy, blogs, and other important types of content on your own, it is often better to delegate that task to someone who writes for a living. How fortunate is it that one of the most reputable providers of quality content is located right in your neighborhood, here at the Vancouver Island Technology Park?

Why not delegate your content needs to those who are best qualified to fulfill them for you?

Your Neighborly Source of Help: Constant Content

Part of RevenueWire, Constant Content works with more than 50,000 freelance writers who have gone through a screening process that verifies their ability to provide quality content on a vast array of topics. A team of professional editors hand checks each piece of content for grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, ensuring a high level of quality. As a top provider of content, Constant Content currently works with more than 10,000 online companies.

The writers at Constant Content are gifted, reliable, and unique. They’re skilled at what they do, whether it’s writing a press release, sales copy, or Web content. They understand how to write to your targeted audience, creating content that draws the right kind of traffic to your virtual doorstep or brick-and-mortar one if you prefer. It’s all about giving consumers what they need to know in order to find what it is that they want. Quality content does that, but you already know that or you wouldn’t still be reading this blog.

Additionally, online companies must take into consideration the fickle nature of search engines that consistently seek fresh, relevant content. If you provide unique content, your site is indexed higher and more traffic arrives at your site daily. If you continue to update your site with fresh, high-quality content on a regular basis, then your targeted audience is not only going to find you, but they are going to bookmark your site, Digg It, Follow, and Like your website for a long time.

Everything you could possibly need content wise is available at Constant Content. Original, never-posted content is available, guaranteeing your company something that no one else has. Try us; you’ll like what we have to offer! is now MOBILE!

Did you know that by 2014, it is projected that more users will access the internet from their phone than from a computer. Does this mean that all of the fancy flash-based, heavy content sites will become obsolete? Probably not, but it does mean that if you do not have a mobile presence you’ll be missing out on over half of all web browsers. As you may have noticed, VITP launched a new version of in May 2011 and although a grueling task it was very necessary.  We soon realized that our website was loading slowly on mobile devices and key information wasn’t easily accessible to those “on-the-go”. We worked with JumpStartWeb to help us develop a quick and simple solution to assist mobile browsers whether they are trying to find VITP or contact a company.

Check it out and let us know what you think!




Breaking news quicker than a cab, cheaper than a satellite

Source for story: the Globe and Mail


Special to Globe and Mail Update
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Back in 1998, when TV was emerging from the dark ages into the bright new world of digital media, Keith Wells had a vision.

A sports reporter for BCTV at the time, Mr. Wells was covering the Winter Olympics in Nagano, an assignment which, due to budget constraints, consisted of a live two-minute report each day, beamed back to his newsroom in Vancouver via satellite at a cost of $750 a minute.

Meanwhile, he noticed other journalists were shooting footage with miniature DV cameras and using desktop software to edit their stories on-site, but lacked a quick and cost-effective way of delivering that content to their newsrooms.

“They couldn’t feed video easily because of bandwidth limitations,” he recalled. “But with the new mini-DVs and programs like Final Cut Pro, I saw the possibility of being able to shoot, report, edit and feed a completed story from anywhere in the world.”

Thirteen years and several quantum leaps in technology later, Mr. Wells is the president and founder of SendtoNews, an Internet platform that allows journalists and other content creators to deliver high-definition, broadcast quality content cheaper and faster than ever before.

The backbone of the company’s business is a high-speed file transfer utility, capable of uploading massive wireless data feeds in minutes. The technology was originally developed to deliver trailers for major movies studios.

The news clips, press releases and background footage uploaded by SendtoNews clients are linked to Amazon cloud “server farms” around the world and made available free of charge to newsrooms.

SendtoNews clients – universities, government institutions, media relation firms and sports organizations – are charged $50 each time a newsroom uses the materials, up to a maximum of $200.

“It’s a kind of pro-active media relations tool that connects content providers with newsrooms,” Mr. Wells said during an interview at the SendToNews head office near Victoria’s Inner Harbour. “Our customers are any kind of an organization that has a story to tell.”

A self-described “serial inventor,” Mr. Wells earned a reputation for devising technical solutions during his 20-year broadcasting career, including a portable teleprompter called the ProPrompter, and the SeeEye2Eye teleprompter designed for webcam use. He sold the rights to both products to Bodelin, an Oregon company specializing in technical accessories.

A long-time sports reporter, Mr. Wells recognized that organizers of sporting events not covered by the mainstream media needed a fast and inexpensive way of delivering clips of their events to TV newsrooms in time for broadcast deadlines.

“Back in the day, the PR people at Hastings Park used to film their feature race on a Saturday and then send the tape to the BCTV newsroom in a cab,” he recalled. “Now Hastings Park is one of our customers.”

After researching and developing the basic prototype for SendToNews, Mr. Wells launched his company in 2008 and partnered with local software experts Marc Hoelscher and Peter Beblo to design the system.

The first big test came during the 2010 Winter Olympics, when the company landed a deal to embed itself in the Robson Square media centre, a facility that hosted more than 1,400 news outlets from around the world.

SendtoNews provided an easy fix for new organizations that weren’t allowed access to official Olympic venues, but still needed a cheap and effective way of filing background stories about the region.

It’s not as instantaneous as a satellite feed – a 200MB clip still takes about two minutes to upload, depending on the connection – but the SendToNews delivery system is already “100 times faster” than a conventional FTP software, and the technology is evolving.

More importantly, the service is “disproportionately inexpensive” compared to satellite delivery, and far more efficient than mass mail-outs of CD-laden press packages, a practice that persists, despite the advent of new technology.

SendtoNews has roughly 200 content providers, including the RCMP, the Western Hockey League, the B.C. government, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, along with about 500 newsroom subscribers, mostly in North America.

Mr. Wells is currently attending the World Aquatic Championships in Shanghai, helping Swimming Canada package its coverage of the event and showcasing SendToNews to other media outlets from around the world.

Swimming Canada communications director Martin Richard said his organization receives limited international media attention outside the Olympics, and SendToNews offers a cost-effective way to “showcase our sport and tell our athletes’ stories on an ongoing basis.”

The rapid evolution of the smart phone has given SendtoNews an edge, too. It’s now possible for reporters to produce and file completed news stories from remote locations with nothing more than an iPhone and a wireless connection.

In April, SendtoNews unveiled a new mobile application that allows the delivery of high-resolution video from an iPhone 4 direct to newsrooms around the world.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation recently purchased 100 iPhones equipped with the SendtoNews app for its reporters in the field. Another client, KGO radio in San Francisco, is using the SendtoNews app for instant wireless delivery of audio clips from breaking news stories.

“Our platform is tuned up to accept mobile video, and we have this app to deliver content in the highest quality possible … so from that standpoint, we are right on the cutting edge,” Mr. Wells said. “We are going to make some noise in this space, there’s no doubt about it.’

Special to The Globe and Mail

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Study of proteins shakes up forestry, medicine

July 21, 2011

Government of British Columbia News Release

VICTORIA – B.C.’s future forests will include super-trees that can shrug off attacks by pests like the mountain pine beetle – or are remarkably efficient at sequestering carbon, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

People here and elsewhere will use a simple screening test to detect diabetes waiting to happen, so it can be prevented – and another to easily pinpoint which of many underlying conditions is causing a patient’s high blood pressure, so it can be treated successfully.

There’s a link between these four projects: Christoph Borchers, one of the world’s top proteomics researchers. Borchers’ appointment as the Don and Eleanor Rix B.C. Leadership Chair in Biomedical and Environmental Proteomics at the University of Victoria was announced today by Pat Bell, Minister Responsible for Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.

Proteomics is the study of the structure and functions of proteins. It can be used in every area of biochemical research. Borchers, director of the UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre at the Vancouver Island Technology Park, is focusing on health and forestry in his LEEF chair role.

The chair comes with an endowment of $4.5 million – $2.25 million donated by the Rix Family Foundation established by Dr. Donald Rix, a leading physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who passed away in 2009. The Province provided the other $2.25 million from its Leading Edge Endowment Fund.

Since arriving in B.C. five years ago, Borchers has created a spinoff company, MRM Proteomics, with a business developer who attracts industry clients from all over the world to use the Proteomics Centre’s services. This has helped Borchers create 18 jobs, more than tripling the staff at the centre. He intends to hire more top researchers, leveraging the LEEF chair funding that pays his own salary.

Borchers, who earned his three degrees at the University of Konstanz in Germany, is president of the Canadian National Proteomics Network. He is working on Canada’s role in the upcoming Human Proteome Project – a far bigger task than the international Human Genome Project, which took 13 years to complete.


Terapeak Partners with Yahoo! JAPAN

Victoria, BC, July 14, 2011 – Terapeak is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with search engine and auction giant Yahoo! JAPAN.

Terapeak is forging a strategic alliance with Yahoo! JAPAN, signing the first-ever data licensing agreement with the largest ecommerce marketplace and search engine in Japan. Already a leading provider of ecommerce data to worldwide merchants through its agreements with eBay and PayPal, Terapeak will now also make data available from Yahoo! JAPAN’s extremely successful auction and ecommerce platform. This agreement will enable Terapeak to include analysis of historical transaction and auction data from the Yahoo! JAPAN auction site to a far wider set of merchants. In March 2011 alone, an average of 21.74 million items was listed for sale on Yahoo! Auctions and Yahoo! JAPAN boasted 238.33 million unique browsers, demonstrating Yahoo! JAPAN’s clout as one of the most trafficked Internet destinations in Japan.

Leveraging its rich analytics capabilities, Terapeak will enhance its first-ever Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market and pricing research tool for merchants using the Yahoo! Auctions platform. Building on its Victoria-based operations, Terapeak will continue to create new jobs within Victoria’s high-tech industry while continuing to provide global solutions.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” commented Colin How, President of Terapeak. “This agreement provides a tremendous opportunity for both Yahoo! JAPAN and Terapeak, as well as the technology industry on Vancouver Island. Yahoo! JAPAN has an exceptional reputation as a leading brand and we are delighted that their merchants will be able to take advantage of the ecommerce market data products that Terapeak has built its reputation on.”

“Yahoo! JAPAN is happy to announce this business relationship with Terapeak”, added Koichi Imamura, Senior Vice President for Ecommerce Planning Division of Yahoo! JAPAN. “Both Yahoo! JAPAN and Terapeak are dedicated to providing a quality user experience and we believe that this alliance will result in a winning integration of market data, leading to opportunities for our merchants.”


NEPTUNE Canada Announces New Director

The new director of the NEPTUNE Canada ocean network is Dr. Kate Moran, a world-renowned ocean engineer who is completing a two-year term as assistant director in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, DC.

NEPTUNE Canada is the world’s largest and most advanced cabled ocean network. It and the VENUS coastal network make up the University of Victoria’s ONC Observatory, which is managed for the university by Ocean Networks Canada (ONC).

“We are delighted to attract someone of Kate’s international calibre,” says Dr. Martin Taylor, ONC President and CEO. “She brings to NEPTUNE Canada a wealth of international experience through her engagement with the International Ocean Drilling Program and her leadership as chief scientist on many major research cruises and expeditions.”

In her White House role, Moran advised the Obama administration on the oceans, the Arctic and global warming. She was seconded to the position from a faculty appointment at the University of Rhode Island where she was a professor of oceanography and associate dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography.

“Earth observation networks are critical for understanding the Earth system, particularly in the oceans as they become further impacted by climate change and in seismically active areas, such as Canada’s west coast” says Moran. “I am excited about joining an extraordinary team that not only had the vision, but also the collective abilities to build the world’s first deep ocean cabled network.”

Moran holds degrees in marine science and engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Rhode Island and Dalhousie University. Her research focuses on marine geotechnics and its application to the study of paleoceanography, tectonics and seafloor stability. She has authored more than 45 publications.

Moran has led several major oceanographic expeditions, including the first drilling expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 2004. The following year she led the first expedition to find the source of the earthquake that caused the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. She has also made major contributions to the assessment of hazards in Canada’s offshore regions.

Moran starts her five-year term with NEPTUNE Canada in September. She succeeds founding director Dr. Chris Barnes, who retired on June 30.

NEPTUNE Canada and its coastal sister network, VENUS, pioneer a new generation of ocean observation systems that, using power and the Internet, provides continuous, long-term monitoring of ocean processes and events, as they happen.

For more information on NEPTUNE Canada visit

canada NOW 2011 Issue Released

AURP Canada is pleased to present to you the second issue of the Canadian Association of University Research Park’s ‘canada NOW‘ magazine.  This publication represents the collective voice of 27 Canadian research parks located coast to coast. While every park is unique, each is focused on fostering commercialization, innovation, and economic competitiveness in a global economy through collaboration amongst universities, industry and government.

canada NOW‘ both highlights and promotes the development and operation of these research parks. This issue’s contents include:

  • National stories on leading technology developments, companies and intellectual property
  • Q & A’s with leading educational and business professionals
  • Letter from AURP President Carol Stewart positioning the AURP’s collective voice
  • A full directory of each park, their tenants, and more

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110704165622-a75c000ef80d44e59b1d2aaa23d8da57 docname=canada_now_2011 username=kellycai loadinginfotext=Canada%20NOW%202011 showhtmllink=true tag=2011 width=420 height=272 unit=px]

We also invite you to take a look at the 2009 inaugural issue of canada NOW.


B.C. invests in marine centre before shipbuilding bid
CTV News Video


Slideshow image

File. The Coast Guard vessel Henry Larsen sits in drydock for routine maintenance at Halifax Shipyard. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

By: The Canadian Press

Date: Monday Jun. 27, 2011 5:38 PM PT

Premier Christy Clark made her latest pitch for a British Columbia company’s bid to win $35 billion in federal shipbuilding contracts while standing in a college workshop that may one day help train a new generation of shipbuilders.

Clark chose the trades centre at the Victoria-area campus of Camosun College to announce her government’s support of B.C.’s shipbuilding industry with a $550,000 investment that will help develop an industry-led marine training centre.

Vancouver’s Seaspan Marine Corp. is one of four private companies bidding for the two federal shipbuilding contracts, which will build naval, Coast Guard and other vessels over the next 30 years.

The deadline for the bid is July 7 and the federal government is expected to make its decision within the next two months.

Shipbuilding companies from the East Coast, Ontario and Quebec are also expected to make bids.

“This is a project that will span two generations,” said Clark, who was in Ottawa last week to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other federal officials connected to the shipbuilding contracts.

“It’s a huge deal for British Columbia,” she said. “We will do, and I as your premier will do what it takes, to make sure we get our share of this national procurement program for British Columbia. It means an additional 6,800 job openings in B.C.”

Clark said the B.C. government backs Seaspan’s bid and she suggested there could be more shipping-related announcements before the bid deadline.

She said the government funding, provided through the federal-provincial Labour Market Development Agreement, will train workers for the shipbuilding industry even if Seaspan does not win the federal contracts.

“We can’t do this alone,” Clark said. “We are partners with Seaspan, BC Ferries and the Vancouver Island Technology Park, the B.C. Marine Workers and Boilermakers Union, Camosun College, First Nations, and, of course, also the federal government.”


Gordon Campbell set to become British envoy

By: The Canadian Press

Date: Thursday Jun. 23, 2011 1:56 PM PT

The Canadian Press has learned that the Harper government plans to appoint former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell as Canada’s new high commissioner to Britain.

Campbell’s elevation to one of Canada’s highest diplomatic posts comes after he resigned last fall as B.C. premier.

The Liberal premier’s popularity plunged when he introduced the 12-per-cent harmonized sales tax in 2009.

Campbell resigned after 26 years in politics, nine of them as premier.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also reached across partisan political lines in 2009 when he appointed Manitoba’s former NDP premier Gary Doer as his ambassador to Washington — considered Canada’s top diplomatic posting.

Sources say the announcement of Campbell’s appointment is days away.

Campbell would replace veteran career diplomat James Wright, who was appointed to the high commissioner’s post in August 2006, after previous diplomatic postings in Washington and Moscow.

One of Wright’s major responsibilities in London was dealing with Britain and other European allies during Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan. He had previously served in London as political officer for four years in the early 1990s.


High-tech startup draws giants’ interest

Andrew A. Duffy, Postmedia News · Jun. 20, 2011 | Last Updated: Jun. 21, 2011 12:57 PM ET

VICTORIA — It may have only just started to draw an online crowd, but a Victoria-based high-tech, social-media startup has already piqued the interest of some of the biggest players in the social media world.

Chatterblock (, a social media website for families, can already check high-level meetings with Facebook executives and Silicon Valley venture capitalists off its bucket list, having recently swept through Northern California.

“It was a big week of networking with people we would never be able to connect with normally,” said James DeGreef, co-founder and chief executive.

Chatterblock was one of 20 Canadian high-tech startups to be invited to the annual 48 Hours in the Valley event held by C100, a group of Silicon Valley-based Canadians -high-tech chief executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists representing about $8-billion in capital -that support and mentor Canadian technology entrepreneurs.

“They want to give back to Canada and help Canadian entrepreneurs to get plugged into Silicon Valley,” said Mr. DeGreef, noting Chatterblock fared well during its whirlwind tour of the Valley.

“We got to pitch to different people. We met with Facebook and established good connections with their executives, which is integral to us, met with power executives from great companies and we were one of eight companies chosen to pitch to a group of 100 VCs,” he said.

The idea of a social media site dedicated to providing directories of local content and community resources for parents -child care, education resources, camp programs, dropin schedules at libraries and recreation centres and the like -and which provides a forum for parents to connect with each other and share information clearly went down well with the California audience.