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Agilent Technologies, MRM Proteomics Sign Comarketing Agreement to Further Quantitative Proteomics Solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and VANCOUVER, B.C., Sept. 13, 2012

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that it has entered into a comarketing agreement with MRM Proteomics Inc., a leading provider of advanced protein quantitation, biomarker and proteomic services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries. The agreement will allow both organizations to offer a more complete solution, including kits, hardware and software for proteomics.

Proteomics is the study of the structure and function of proteins and how they interact within a complex biological system. Agilent’s integrated proteomics workflow provides the highest analytical performance with unprecedented plug-and-play flexibility. Interchangeable workflows simplify setups and let researchers quickly switch between different methodologies. Offering the industry’s highest sensitivity and highest throughput quantitation, the Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole MS/MS provides targeted MRM peptide quantitation at attomole detection levels.

“MRM Proteomics, is recognized as a pioneer and leading company in the development of mass spec based methods for protein quantification using multiple reaction monitoring,” said Steve Fischer, Agilent marketing manager, Metabolomics and Proteomics. “The agreement is a further reflection of Agilent’s continued commitment and investment in quantitative proteomics.”

MRM Proteomics specializes in the highly multiplexed absolute quantitation of proteins in complex biological samples such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid and urine through MRM-MS using isotopically labeled internal standards. MRM Proteomics’ workflows utilize minimal sample volumes (20 ul) and are capable of unparalleled specificity and sensitivity, without the need for depletion of high-abundance proteins.

“MRM Proteomics is pleased to enter into this comarketing arrangement with Agilent Technologies; our companies’ offerings are clearly complementary in the field of targeted quantitative proteomics,” said Andrew Munk, chief executive officer of MRM Proteomics. “Mass spectrometry is a rapidly growing platform driving basic proteomics research, biomarker discovery and drug development. Agilent’s status as an innovator in mass spec instrumentation combined with its extensive global network, make Agilent a great partner for MRM Proteomics.”

About MRM Proteomics

MRM Proteomics is a leader in providing advanced protein quantitation and proteomic services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries in key areas such as biomarker discovery/validation, clinical studies, diagnostics and toxicology. Information about MRM Proteomics is available at

About Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. The company’s 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $6.6 billion in fiscal 2011. Information about Agilent is available at

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Tectoria’s ParetoLogic Raises $10,000 to Build a School in Kenya

Victoria software company Paretologic raised $10,000 to help build a school in Kenya on behalf of Free the Children.

It took two months of dedication, perseverence   and drive, but the Paretologic team did it.

“It’s incredible the kind of real change that we can bring to children around the world. With a little time and effort, we can literally change hundreds of lives for the better,” said Elton Pereira of Paretologic.

ParetoLogic’s fundraisers was organized as a friendly competition, teams within the company not only donated to win, but donated even more to lower other team’s standing. The stakes were high: for the winners, a modest prize; for the losers, a serenade to co-workers with the song of their choice, along with a pie in the face.

According to Paretologic:

The result was over $4,700 raised, one song sung, and half-a-dozen pies hitting their targets.

Free the Children is a charity that aims to empower children to become agents of positive change in their own lives by giving them the necessary tools and resources. Their Adopt-A-Village model includes building schools, education and awareness programs, as well as projects to bring potable drinking water to communities. They have helped children in Kenya, Sierra Leone, India, Nicaragua, and other regions around the world.

More information about Free the Children can be found at

About ParetoLogic Inc.

ParetoLogic creates a wide-range of easy-to-use security and utility programs for the home PC user. By combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, ParetoLogic’s software has been downloaded in over 196 countries and installed on millions of PCs.

UVic aerospace centre receives funding

On Thursday, federal deparment Western Economic Diversification announced $671,500  for UVic’s new Centre for Aerospace Research.

The new Centre for Aerospace Research located near Sidney, BC is positioning itself at the leading edge of aerospace research and at the forefront of an emerging industry in Western Canada.

The federal funding will allow UVic to establish a niche in the new market of efficient and highly configurable UAV’s at a competitive costs. UAV’s are increasingly being used for a broad range of purposes including search and rescue, border patrol, firefighting, crop monitoring and aerial mapping.

Civilian UAV commercial use is just starting in North America. The niche and opportunity in the marketplace is the gap between unreliable hobby-grade aircraft and expensive turnkey (“off-the-shelf”) systems geared specifically for government and military use.

At present, UAVs for civilian application are priced well beyond the reach of industry and researchers.

The centre will focus on designing safe and affordable devices that have practical applications.

UVic’s aerospace design facility will work closely with industrial partners and Transport Canada, and is supported by $671,500 in Western Economic Diversification funding as well as over $1 million over the past five years in cash and in-kind funding from industry and government partner organizations.

The UVic UAV team (UVic’s Faculty of Engineering) will be led by aerospace engineer and centre director Prof. Afzal Suleman and, in addition to two colleagues, currently includes 10 undergraduate students and five graduate students including PhD student and centre manager Jenner Richards. UVic’s Aero Club will also play a role in development.

UVic intends to produce—from the ground up, through conceptualization and design to manufacture, testing, operation and monitoring—a family of airframe prototypes that can be readily customized for commercial and research purposes. The new inventions and industrial patents, filed with assistance from UVic Industry Partnerships, will be made available for licensing to industry.

The centre’s industrial and government partnerships include, to name a selection: Viking Air (North Saanich, BC); Meggitt Training Systems Canada (Medicine Hat, AB); Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada; Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems; Institute for Aerospace Research (Brazil); Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa); Camosun College, Simon Fraser University, Virginia Tech University (USA), University of Bristol (UK) and the Instituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal).

Victoria’s Wifarer is a great Victoria BC startup

Victoria’s Wifarer has been receiving a lot of interest and applause recently for its innovative software applications, notably its a software system that works with handheld devices to provide what is essentially indoor GPS system.

Wifarer has developed a revolutionary solution to a chronic problem: navigating inside large complex buildings. Wifarer has commercialized the world’s only indoor GPS solution that doesn’t require the installation of hardware – our smart phone app uses data from a venue’s existing WiFi system to pinpoint a smart phone’s location in a venue in real time.

Wifarer represents a visitor’s location with a beacon on a map that moves when they do; visitors need only glance at their smart phone screens to instantly know where they are, even in large, complex, multi-story venues. Wifarer’s searchable directory helps visitors find what they’re looking for, and its locator engine provides them with turn-by-turn directions to their destinations in the language of their choice. And because Wifarer knows where visitors are, it provides them with personalized content specifically targeted to where they are standing (including coupons, video, images, and audio.)

Wifarer’s technology is aimed at the $8 billion indoor wayfinding industry. Just as GPS revolutionized how people navigate outside, Wifarer is revolutionizing how they navigate inside.

How do you get more Facebook Page “likes”?

Once a week, at minimum, I am asked by my boss what I am doing to get more “likes” on our VITP Facebook Page.

I think the question of how to get more “likes” should be broken down in two:

Firstly, how do get more people to “like” your Facebook Page? Secondly, how do you maintain an engaged and active audience?

Dynamic Facebook pages that offer relevant, current and consistent content seem to dominate.  People like looking at photos and reading interesting posts.  Personality and sociability of posts are also key.  It’s not about simply adding likes, it’s about creating an interactive page where people naturally share, comment and post because they want to.  We use our VITP Facebook Page to help promote what our companies are doing, to share stories and to keep our fans up to date on what’s happening around the park.

Social media experts estimate 1 Billion new “likes” a day.  Fan pages have completely changed the way we speak to our clients, customers and stakeholders.  By “liking” a page a fan is requesting to be updated. Up until a few years ago, companies were blocking the use of Facebook by employees. Now, social media, or the management thereof, has become a part of my daily job.  I don’t pretend to be a “guru” but I have learned a few do’s and don’ts over the years. So in an effort to avoid being fired for not doing my job well enough (just kidding) I naturally turn to one of my favourite tools, Google. In short here is a summary of what I found.

1)   Use “tagging” when updating your status to tag other businesses

2)   Encourage fans to post content and share with their friends

3)   Offer incentive contests

4)   Add your page name to your business cards, letterhead, email signature etc.

5)   Install a “like us” button on your website, blog, etc.

6)   Link your page to other social media channels such as Twitter

7)   Create a targeted ad campaign

8)   Suggest your page to friends

9)   Advertise your page

10)    Finally and most importantly, deliver an exceptional experience.

If you want to get deep into the strategy of posting, an article on Mashable Social Media stresses the use of photos, talking in first person and the timing of posts to increase sharing and comments.

My short list above is simply a selection of a few best practices. Always remember that too much of a good thing can in fact be too much.  You want to avoid over posting and annoying your fans causing them to hide you in their newsfeed or even worse “unlike” your page.  The Oatmeal posted an excellent article on what to avoid and I will leave you with one final thought. Actions speak louder than words – you must BE likeable, don’t just say you are.




Daniels sold to Australian for $25 million

Congrats to the 62-year old local tech firm Daniels Electronics who were just acquired by Australian company Codan for $25M. The good news is Codan plans to keep operations local and retain Daniels staff.

Codan designs, manufactures and markets a diversified range of high value added electronics products for global government, business, aid and humanitarian, and sophisticated consumer markets. The Adelaide, South Australia technology company’s core products are radio communications systems, metal detectors and mining technology solutions.

It’s a good fit in many ways with Daniels Electronics. Codan targeted Daniels as a means to grow its market share and diversify its radio-communications product offering, according to an article by the TC’s Andrew Duffy, who has long acted as a champion to document life in Greater Victoria’s growing tech sector:

The release suggested the transaction was a winwin, with Codan getting an established North American market while Daniels products will now be distributed more further afield, including in the emerging world.

Daniels Electronics is one of the oldest technology companies in British Columbia, and has been located in a James Bay in downtown Victoria for almost that long.

Daniels has been a pioneering member of the P25 Digital standard, for radio system interoperability between emergency response governmental organizations, providing enhanced functionality and encryption. Our products operate between 29 – 869 MHz and are available in a variety of Base Station and Repeater configurations for two way voice and mobile data applications.

Anoop Mehrotra is VITP’s new Collaboration Centre Coordinator

You may have noticed a familiar face around the park the past couple of weeks.  Anoop Mehrotra is back and he’s here to stay! As sad as we were to say goodbye to Gina Bugslag, we wish her the best with her new role at Power to Be. We are pleased to welcome Anoop back as VITP’s Collaboration Centre Coordinator!

Anoop has spent the last 1.5 years completing his law degree in India and working as a consultant buying and selling hand-knotted area rugs.  He is very pleased to be back in Victoria for many years to come.  He resides here with his wife and two daughters.

Anoop is the first and last person that you will meet at VITP, and is always ready to greet you with a smile, and maybe, a Namaste! Anoop wears many hats, but one of his main roles is coordinating events that go on in and around the Park. Anoop is also responsible for guest services, security, and health and safety within the VITP Collaboration Centre during the daytime hours Monday to Friday. His main goal is to raise our level of hospitality, and to ensure that everyone’s experience at VITP is exceptional. He will do this by offering services ranging from escorting your 3 year old grandson into the building, to assisting you with your meeting set-up, to quoting Shakespeare. He’s always willing to play scrabble, discuss at length contemporary or traditional area rugs or simply listen to how your day is going.

Have questions about VITP? Want to hold an event at VITP? Or simply want to talk with one of the most positive and interesting individuals you’ll ever meet? Contact Anoop!

Email for security related matters:

For Collaboration Centre bookings:

Phone: 250-483-3215 or 250-889-4654





Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts to visit VITP | Victoria tech events

VITP and the Gustavson School of Business are pleased to welcome Saatchi & Saatchi World Wide CEO, Kevin Roberts on August 17, 2012, noon-2:00 p.m for a very special Victoria tech event. Kevin will be giving a special presentation titled “Mentoring and Leading in the Age of Now”. This presentation is for mentors, mentees, and close friends of the business school and the discussion will be centred around the mentor to mentee relationship.

Kevin will be speaking to the incoming Gustavson MBA Cohort the morning of the 17th and has kindly agreed to make this separate presentation for Gustavson Mentors and friends of the School of Business.

Kevin is a thought leader and an inspirational and provocative speaker – a globe traveling CEO he is at the forefront of both discovering and creating new ways to communicate, motivate and bring change.  He strongly believes today’s leaders have a figural role in mentoring those who will be inheriting and creating our next futures.

Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the world’s leading creative organizations, employing around 6000 people in 140 offices across 76 countries.

This is an invitation only event with limited seating. To inquire about attending the presentation please email Nikki de Goey, Manager, Culture & Corporate Relations at VITP.

Read Kevin Robert’s Unofficial Bio here.

Please stay tuned for more Victoria tech events



July 11, 2012


[UVic Ocean & Marine Technology News] A new eco-friendly anti-fouling technology developed at the University of Victoria providing a new alternative to products currently being used in marine and other environments has been licensed by GreenCentre Canada with the support of UVic Industry Partnerships.

“This technology has dozens of applications and will be in instant demand when available,” says Lynn Leger, director of commercial development at GreenCentre. “People want to control things like moss, mold and mildew, but don’t want to use toxic products to do it.”

This special class of anti-fouling additives, found in certain products aimed at slowing the growth of organisms that affect performance and durability, was created by UVic organic chemist Dr. Thomas Fyles in collaboration with Bob Rowe of Rhocraft R&D.  The pair brought the innovation to UVic Industry Partnerships (UVic IP), the university’s industry liaison office, in 2005 to patent the technology and to get support for some of the initial product testing.

“The technology was initially slated to be used in marine coatings. It rapidly breaks down in sea water and does not accumulate in marine organisms,” says Fyles, “making it an environmentally friendly alternative to other commercially available biocides. When the active agent is no longer on the surface doing its job, it falls apart into non-toxic compounds.”

GreenCentre Canada is targeting three initial application areas for the product: control of fungus on greenhouse surfaces, control of black mold on buildings and the prevention of fouling in oil and gas lines.

“Licensing to GreenCentre Canada was a natural choice for this particular technology,” says UVic IP CEO Brent Sternig.  “They add incredible value to our technology transfer processes by investing in new market identification, commercial testing, scale-up and by bringing a whole suite of commercial partners to the table.”

UVic IP and GreenCentre Canada are collaborating on a number of green technology solutions developed by UVic researchers with a goal of rapidly determining novelty, impact and commercial interest. This eco-friendly anti-fouling technology is the first of what UVic IP hopes is a long line of innovations to evolve from the partnership between UVic and GreenCentre Canada. As part of the Canada Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, GreenCentre Canada is also a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence established in 2009 to advance green chemistry innovations at Canadian universities.


Media contacts:

Beverly Duthie (UVic IP) at 250-721-6500 or email

Phil Saunders (UVic Communications) at 250-721-6139 or email

Follow us on Twitter at

UVic media releases and other resources for journalists are available at

Stay tuned for UVic Ocean & Marine Technology News 

VITP tenant Vifor Pharma helps people living with chronic disease | Vancouver Island Tech Park news

VITP tenant Vifor Pharma played a role in successful pivotal phase III study for PA21, a therapy aimed at controlling hyperphosphatemia in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.

Hyperphosphatemia, the accumulation of phosphorus in the blood, is a common and serious condition in patients with CKD, particularly those requiring dialysis. While all dialysis patients are treated with phosphate binders, less than 50% achieve and maintain their target serum phosphorus levels. Hyperphosphatemia is a risk factor for CKD complications such as cardiovascular disease, secondary hyperparathyroidism and renal bone disease.

Victoria BC’s Aspreva International Ltd,  a division of Vifor Pharma –  is part of the Swiss Galencia group, and is an speciality pharmaceutical company focused on iron deficiency anaemia. The Swiss healthcare products supplier and drugmaker Galenica (GALN.S) acquired Victoria’s Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (which started its life as a Vancouver Island Tech Park tenant) in 2007 for more than $900 million.

Aspreva Pharmaceuticals achieved tremendous success by specializing in the research and commercialization of new therapeutic indications for already registered drugs and while working closely with Swiss drugmaker Roche.

Official Press Release available here.