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Tech News: Young TV watchers may spend equal time on social media

Check out this article posted in the Globe and Mail yesterday detailing just how many hours people spend on social media and watching TV, it’s crazy!

The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, Apr. 25 2013, 4:04 PM EDT
Last updated Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013, 4:04 PM EDT

The average Canadian adult watches a whopping 30 hours of television a week, according to BBM Canada.

Nathaniel Willsie figures he’s way under that and swears he’s not among those who watch an average of four hours and 20 minutes of TV a day.

It’s his growing interest in social media that’s led to his declining interest in TV. And when he is watching, the TV screen only has a fraction of his attention, with his eyes frequently scanning over to his iPhone or laptop, which are always within reach.

But when it comes to how much time he spends online, he laughs sheepishly as he tries to do the math.

“It’s a lot,” says the ruminating 24-year-old from Edmonton, umming and ahhing for a few seconds before coming to a number that he sounds surprised to utter aloud.

“I’m on social media pretty much all day long from eight in the morning until midnight, I would say.

“I don’t know, maybe 10 hours a day?”

Willsie’s not alone. A recent report by the Media Technology Monitor found that 58 per cent of Canadians said they have multitasked with an Internet-connected device while watching TV, and 26 per cent said they were always or almost always using the Internet while watching TV.

Meanwhile, figures for web usage are edging closer to time spent watching TV, especially among younger demographics.

When you ask Canadians how they spend their free time at home, many say they now use the Internet more than watching TV – although researchers suspect most understate how much TV they watch and overestimate their online time.

According to statistics from 2012 compiled by the Television Bureau of Canada, the average 18– to 24-year-old said they watched 14 hours of TV weekly and spent 31 hours online.

But according to BBM, which uses electronic meters to track the actual viewing habits of sample audiences, that demographic watched TV for an average of 22.5 hours a week. And Internet measurement firm comScore, which also uses digital tracking to estimate Internet usage, said those young people were online for an average of 17 hours over a seven-day period.

Among 18- to 49-year-olds, the survey results suggested they were watching TV for 19.3 hours and were online for 23.3 hours. BBM had 23.2 hours for their TV viewing and comScore tracked them to 17 hours.

Read the full article from The Globe and Mail here


Exciting stuff happening at VITP! Congratulations to Edwin Braun and Brian Purdy on their brand new software.

image001Vancouver Island Technology Park’s own Edwin Braun of Cebas Visual Technology and Brian Purdy of Bocbee Holdings Ltd. have founded Deetectee Microsystems Inc. and created brand new software called Single Burst Optical Recognition that enables secure, digital identification of a person in a mobile environment.

This is the first and only technology of its kind and the founders of Deetectee hope that big names like Facebook or Google will buy into their software.  From banking to gaming and social media, the Deetectee team predicts the patented technology will be highly sought after by developers looking to create applications for a wide-range of technological advancements.

Congratulations to Edwin and Brian on their new software and we can’t wait to watch it explode in the technology world!

To see a related article in the Times Colonist, click here.
To learn more about Deetectee Microsystems Inc. visit


Wifarer moves into the Vancouver Island Technology Park!

VITP mangement is proud to welcome Wifarer to VITP as our newest tenants! They have set up shop in one of our larger office spaces with the potential of building their own space in the Innov8 Hub in the future.

What does Wifarer do?

Wifarer builds indoor positioning apps for locations.   Their mobile software is powered by advanced indoor positioning and navigation technologies, and helps businesses connect with their customers in new ways. Their clients are hospitals, airports, museums, stadiums, shopping centers and universities, including such great venues as UBC, the Dallas Cwoboys Stadium, Vancouver International Airport, and the Royal BC Museum.  At the heart of their solution are their online tools, which make it simple to build and manage their apps. Their content management system allows clients to customize their app’s look and feel, add directories, and attach rich media to any indoor location.  Their analytics are breaking new ground, by combining traditional in-app search data with movement analytics to deliver extraordinary insights into customer behavior and venue use.

They are considered global leaders in indoor positioning technologies, with a robust portfolio of intellectual property related to indoor positioning and navigation.  Their research scientists are continuously refining algorithms and inventing the features that have established them as industry leaders. Early on, they mastered seamless indoor-outdoor navigation and refined their algorithms to ensure reliable floor transitions in multi-story locations. Their recent advances include improving indoor positioning accuracy even further with data from several different phone sensors, and pioneering exciting new machine-to-machine transactions.

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Technology Park Wifarer, we are excited to have you as part of the team! Read more about this exciting business here.

Technology Awards open for nominations!

The Victoria Advanced Technology Council is looking for nominations for the 2013 Technology Awards. The awards gala will take place on June 20th at the Victoria Conference Centre and is a celebrated event within the technology community.  There are 12 categories, with a new award this year for “Start-up of the Year.”

Other categories include “Technology Company of the year” and “Product of the Year.” Online nomination forms can be found here.  This awards gala is a huge draw for the technology sector, with more then 600 people in attendance last year.

Check out a related article in the Times Colonist here.

Find out more details on the Technology Awards on the ViaTech website and get those nominations going!  The Vancouver Island Technology Park is proud to be a part of such a thriving industry and being able to showcase a number of successful technology companies.

Modev Software makes its move into the Vancouver Island Technology Park.

Modev Software has officially moved into VITP as of March 1st, 2013 and we are super excited to have them!

Modev software is a leader in custom branded Realtor Apps for the Canadian Market. Their team has engineered a remarkable platform that allows Realtors to create and distribute custom branded Realtor Apps. These Apps are designed with unique images, branding, agency info, and contact info – all personalized to reflect their individual brand. This app is powered by their resilient proprietary back end system that ensures stability, security, and the most affordable custom real-estate App solution.

VITP welcomes Modev Software and looks forward to a bright future with them. Stay in the loop and follow their activity on their website

Vancouver Island Technology Park welcomes Bee Green Publications as new tenant!

VITP is proud to welcome Bee Green Publications as a new tenant as of March 1st, 2013. Bee Green Online Magazine and Business Directory is the product of a collaborative effort put forth by local sustainable businesses and members of our Vancouver Island Communities.

Bee Green focuses on relationships, education and awareness between business owners and individuals. They believe that fostering relationships based on culture, health, wellness and sustainability will ensure a bright and positive future.

They believe their demographics include everyone, and their members include: eco minded individuals, local businesses, youth, post secondary students, nonprofit organizations, community leaders and anyone with an interest for our community and general well being of our planet.

Welcome Bee Green Publications, the Tech Park is thrilled to have you!  To learn more about the online magazine and what they feature, check out their website here.


TSW Interactive has moved into the Vancouver Island Technology Park!

VITP would like to officially welcome TSW Interactive to the Tech Park. TSW moved into the park in October, 2012 and are already making themselves at home.

TSW Interactive is a web design and development company that specializes in making the “internet side of business” as easy as possible. Founded in 2004, the company has built its reputation around stunning, easy-to-navigate web sites that help drive customers to their clients’ businesses.  In 2012 the company launched “BluPrint”, a content management system that provides business owners with the ability to update their websites and other online presences, like Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, all from one central hub.  BluPrint features point-and-click website updates, where administrators can update text, videos, maps, and more, by simply pointing and clicking with their mouse at whatever they want to change, without ever needing to know anything about code.

In short, they build easy-to-use, effective, good-looking websites that their clients can update without ever needing to learn code.

Congratulations and welcome TSW Interactive, VITP is excited to have you as a tenant and we are looking forward to watching you grow and succeed.

Read more about the company here!

Congratulations to Leap Web Solutions Inc. on their first anniversary!

A big congratulations to Leap Web Solutions Inc. on celebrating their first anniversary! Leap moved their formerly home-based creative firm into the Vancouver Island Technology Park in October 2012 and are now celebrating one year in business. They have already designed more than 20 new websites under the Leap Banner.

“The time was right to move into a location where I can easily expand my business and work alongside similar-minded companies,” said owner, Neil Tran. “I’ve been fortunate to work with great companies in my first year in business at a time when people focusing on their online presence more than ever.”

Neil says moving the company to the Tech Park, is in part, to be connected with local and international technology companies. They also anticipate more hiring in the months ahead and want to be connected to the talent pool from the University of Victoria. Leap is currently in discussion with UVic about an ongoing internship program.

Congratulations to Neil Tran and Leap Web Solutions Inc. on their success! The Vancouver Island Technology Park is proud to have you as a tenant and we look forward to many more successful years.

Check out Leap’s blog and website here!

Construction is complete on ImmunoPrecise Antibodies new lab space!

Construction is complete on ImmunoPrecise Antibodies new lab space at Vancouver Island Technology Park! ImmunoPrecise first moved to the park in June 2005 and in addition to their main facility which is approximately 2,200 square feet, they are now expanding into an extra space of 1,800 square feet. Congratulations on your new digs!

What exactly does ImmunoPrecise do behind closed doors?

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd (IPA) is comprised of experienced research and development scientists and encompasses a wide range of distinctive competencies, including innovative technologies required in the production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. IPA offers a wide range of antibody products and services including superior quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, a cryopreservation service to safeguard valuable biological materials, and antibody related services including antibody concentration and purification.

Read more and checkout their website!

 IMG_3586 IMG_3585 IMG_3583

Appointment of Colliers as Leasing Agent for Vancouver Island Technology Park and Marine Technology Centre

The management of Vancouver Island Technology Park (“VITP”) and the Marine Technology Centre (“MTC”) has appointed Colliers as leasing agent with immediate effect.  Leasing was previously handled internally by VITP staff, although external brokers have always been accommodated, and will continue to be, under the new arrangement.

The change has been under consideration for some time, and requests for proposals went out to members of the real estate brokerage community in November of 2012, with Colliers now selected as the successful proponent.

The main buildings at VITP have been at over 90% occupancy for several years, but some space is currently available, and additional space is now becoming available with the ongoing development of the Innov8 Hub, in what was formerly the laundry building of the old Glendale Hospital, which was converted into the Technology Park in 2002.

The Innov8 Hub provides space for small start-ups and growing technology businesses, on a flexible, usually month-to-month basis, for an all-in monthly fee. Spaces range from a single desk to a 3,000 square foot office, and can be customized to fit tenants’ needs.

The MTC is primarily occupied by the University of Victoria’s Neptune and Venus undersea research facilities, as well as its Ocean Technology lab and a division of its School of Earth and Ocean Sciences.  It also has other marine-related tenants, and has office and workshop-type space available for lease at the present time.

Colliers is the largest full-service commercial real estate firm on Vancouver Island, with 12 full-time commercial brokers, as well as marketing and research staff, property management and related professionals.  Please contact the brokerage team of Ty Whittaker, Tristan Spark or Robert Down on 250-388-6454 with any questions that you might have.