A great article posted on TechVibes that breaks down the do’s and don’ts of successful social media tactics!

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Written by Suzanne Huber
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Navigating Social Media: How to Be Shareable and Engage with Your Audience

Anything that is shared or goes viral is informative, entertaining, captivating or funny.

The goal should be to build an audience of relevant people engaged by your messages so you can connect and build a relationship with them. Collaborate with other relevant content makers and promote their material on your platforms. Repost others’ shareables that connect with you; chances are if your audience is like you, they will be engaged by it also. Hang out where there is already established traffic. It is easy to neglect the amount of time and attention that successful implementation of social media requires.

Work to create your own content, but use others to keep momentum going when required.


Nobody wants to talk to a self-serving robot online.

How can you serve your audience? Ask questions. Talk to people, voice opinions in forums and connect with humans. Giving updates on how you are doing is acceptable and allows people to get to know and support you. Network in other online communities and meet people virtually that have the potential to backlink to you.

Caution: throwing up a sales pitch and blabbing about your company everywhere is amateur and reserved for people who don’t know what they are doing. Have conversations, ask questions and inspire engagement with good content. But asking people to like your page that you have never spoken or interacted with is asking too much.


Blogging is a great vehicle to share good content and connect with readers. You can take your blog to all channels and applicable communities around the internet. Share your posts on Google+ or in Linkedin groups aside from your own statuses.

What valuable information do you have to share with audiences? Captivating headlines entice new readers so get acquainted with an attention-grabbing opportunity. Adding pictures to status updates, blogs, and posts attract more likes and shares. You can go real-time with hash tags and join current conversations in Twitter and jump in the conversation in trending topics. More and more people are hanging out in Google+ these days so it should be on your radar too.

Measure results, post regularly and pay attention to what gets shared and what starts up conversations and tailor your content accordingly.


Know what platforms are the best vehicles to connect with your target audience. In most cases, it does not hurt to be in a lot of places—but find where the engagement is the best while being able to manage communications properly. You are further ahead to develop a few channels then do ok on a lot of them. More platforms require more management and content.

Social media may not have direct or immediate impact on your revenue so make sure the time you put into it is worthwhile, strategic and in line with your objectives. Social media is important for all businesses today to connect with potential customers or keep unhappy ones from slandering your name with no resolve.

If you find that you are not putting in the right effort, hire someone you trust with your voice to manage things for you.