Coastal & Ocean Resources Inc. (CORI) was recently awarded the Coastal America Spirit Award as part of the Alaska ShoreZone partnership.

The Coastal America Spirit Award: “recognizes exceptional projects that demonstrate the 'spirit' of teamwork for group efforts that are poised to address our challenging coastal issues.”

The Alaska ShoreZone program is a coastal habitat mapping program supported by over 20 federal, state and county agencies in addition to non-governmental agencies. To date, over 40,000 km of coastline have been imaged and mapped as part of the program. CORI has been the primary contractor for the program.

ShoreZone initially began in 1979 with funding by the Province of British Columbia and eventually mapped all the 35,000 km of the BC coast as well as the 5,000 km of the Washington coastline. CORI has been the primary contractor for all of the BC, Washington and Alaska mapping. As we approach the end of 2009, we have developed close to a 100,000 km contiguous mapping from the Columbia River to the Bering Sea – a continental scale dataset.

To learn more:

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