Victoria, BC, Canada _ October 23, 2007 _ GenoLogics, a leading developer of lab and data management software solutions for life sciences research, today announced that Windber Research Institute (WRI) has selected GenoLogics to provide an integrated data management solution to help them achieve their vision of personalized preventative medicine which they are addressing with a translational medicine strategy. WRI required a scientific data management system and LIMS solution that would tie together their research, and clinical/patient data from multiple science areas such as genomics, proteomics, and immunology. Windber Research Institute is a U.S. Department of Defense funded laboratory, and it is considered by some to be the most integrated, functional genomics and proteomics research facility in the world. WRI’s vision is personalized preventative medicine and this research institute is leading the way by creating a worldwide network of collaborative research institutes in Netherlands, UK, Germany, Greece, Asia and throughout North America.

To achieve their vision, WRI decided to partner with a select group of vendors to help them accomplish their translational medicine goals – identify, locate and treat diseases before they present physical symptoms. They were looking for collaborative, agile, world-class vendors they could partner with to provide: 1) a robust clinical system, 2) a database to hold image files and lifestyle data, 3) a scientific data management system, and 4) a data warehouse solution.

Michael Liebman, Executive Director, at Windber Research Institute said, “There were two significant reasons we chose the GenoLogics’ solution, first we needed a solution that could be installed and operating in our research labs quickly, and a system that could adapt and evolve with our constantly changing needs. GenoLogics’ solutions are extremely adaptable and user configurable which gives us the confidence that this system can keep up with our constantly changing technologies and processes. The second major reason we chose GenoLogics was their collaborative approach to working with customers. We want to work with a company that is willing to provide a range of services to augment their core product offerings.”

Over twenty users including scientists, bioinformatics (and eventually clinicians) are expected to access and use the GenoLogics system at Windber Research Institute. “As Windber’s needs, technologies and lab processes change, our configurable platform will easily adapt to accommodate new processes and technologies that will continue to meet their needs,” said Jason Attanucci, Account Executive at GenoLogics.

Richard Mural, Chief Scientific Officer, at WRI commented, “The GenoLogics solution addresses our scientific data management and LIMS requirements with a flexible solution that’s built to adapt. The integrated solution includes a multi-lab IT platform and modules purposed for genomics and proteomics research, plus the configurability of the system will also enable us to manage data in other science areas. We expect this solution combined with GenoLogics’ collaborative approach, customer service reputation, and professional services will help us turn massive amounts of raw data into valuable patient specific information enabling scientists to translate their research into decisions that can impact patient care.”