November 19, 2008;  Vancouver, BC – LifeSciences BC is pleased to announce that one of British Columbia’s pre-eminent health researchers, Dr. Michael Hayden, Director and Senior Scientist at the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, and  University Killam Professor, Department of Medical Genetics at UBC has received the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) Michael Smith Prize in Health Research:  Canada's Health Researcher of the Year award. Named in honor of the late Dr. Michael Smith, CIHR grants this prestigious award annually to a Canadian researcher in Biomedical and Clinical Research who has demonstrated outstanding commitment, innovation, creativity, achievement and leadership in health research.

“Clearly this is an accomplishment worthy of great celebration amongst our health research community and province as a whole,” commented Karimah Es Sabar, President, LifeSciences British Columbia.  “On behalf of this entire community, we applaud and thank Dr. Hayden for his outstanding work, and for bringing this recognition to BC. The contributions he has made to the health of patients while also the development of our biotech and life sciences industry here are immeasurable, thus extremely worthy of this honour, ” she noted.

British Columbia Minister of Health Services, the Honourable George Abbott added, “The late Dr. Michael Smith made British Columbia his home for more than 40 years, and left behind a great legacy as a scientist and humanitarian. I know all British Columbians will join me in congratulating Dr. Michael Hayden on receiving this award. We know that he and his team are building on this legacy, where world-class health research being conducted on Canada’s west coast is helping patients around the world.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Hayden has made major contributions to scientific excellence and to translating research findings into treatment approaches and services for patients.  Dr. Hayden nurtures a collaborative spirit and a supportive environment for investigators with varied expertise to work together towards a single mission:  building a healthier future. Dr. Hayden has also forged important linkages between researchers and industry, having founded multiple successful Canadian biotechnology companies in order to move research findings forward to therapeutic applications for the benefit of patients.  

As part of this distinction, Dr. Hayden will receive a research award of $500,000. During the next two years, he will use the award to support the operating costs for four new trainee awards in the areas of Global Health, Rare Diseases, Mental Health, and Biotechnology under the banner of Ripples of Hope. Dr. Hayden, a native of South Africa, has borrowed this term from a speech he attended when he was 15 years old, by Robert F. Kennedy in 1966 at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Hayden has already secured an additional $700,000 from a pharmaceutical partner that will go directly towards a related endowment, and he will continue working with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to raise additional funds to go directly towards this endowment or as annual trainee awards.

“Essentially what I’m hoping to do with these awards is create ripples of hope, that together with support from many others, will have impact against certain things we’re fighting against,” commented Dr. Hayden. “One such award will foster someone who can work in biotechnology. I want to be able to take students at early stages of their lives, and have them work in a biotech company to be exposed to the excitement of entrepreneurship. They can also then get the bug, and understand what it is and how you translate benefits for the community,” he said.

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