At the recent VITP Blood Donor Challenge between Genologics, EDS Advanced Solution, LifeLabs, and Vifor Pharma Aspreva , 50 of the 64 units of blood collected that day came from you.

Genologics donated 8 units with a staff participation rate of 19%; EDS Advanced Solutions donated a whopping 39 units of blood with a staff participation rate of 14.2%; Aspreva donated 3 units with a staff participation rate of 7% and LifeLabs did not donate.  To make it an equal playing field the winner is established on staff participation bases.  

The real winners in this friendly competition are British Columbia's hospital patients.  We are very grateful for all your participation in this fun challenge.  A total of 64 units were donated which will have a dramatic impact on the lives of 192 patients in our hospitals!  We extend a huge thank you to all who helped organize this challenge and those of you who participated and took the time to donate blood and save lives.

We look forward to the challenge next year.