Biochemistry co-op student James Letts is an accomplished Métis student whose work terms with UVic’s Department of Biochemistry led to a number of important discoveries on the x-ray crystallography of proteins. He’s already been published three times in the leading scientific journals in his field, and one of his recent articles has just been accepted into Acta Crystallographica, a respected biochemical journal.

Letts attributes his success in part to the co-op program that gave him the chance work alongside Dr. Evans, his co-op supervisor. “I didn’t know anything about x-ray crystallography before I started working for Dr. Evans,” says Letts. “Co-op was a big part of my undergraduate studies—the best part.” Evans soon had Letts flying to places like Denmark and Honolulu to complete co-op work terms and to collaborate with other esteemed researchers within their field.

Letts must have made a good impression because when it came time to apply for grad school, he caught the eye of Rockefeller University in New York, who offered him a full scholarship to pursue his PhD with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roderick Mackinnon. Letts accepted the offer and is looking forward to continuing his work with the x-ray crystallography of proteins in New York.