Consumer research firm Packaged Facts has unveiled a groundbreaking series of reports that offer consumer goods marketers an unprecedented look at product trends, and buying and selling insights provided by eBay, the world’s largest global online marketplace with more than 241 million users worldwide.

Produced in conjunction with DataUnison, the authorized and exclusive reseller of eBay’s market data, the Online Market Insights powered by eBay Data reports provide annual overviews and quarterly profiles of eBay activity for consumer product categories and brands, with in-depth analysis and extensive tabular and graphic data on multinational sales generated through eBay.

Watches: Online Market Insights powered by eBay Data catalogs the $301 million in watch sales that took place on in 2006. With more than 2 million watches sold, the report provides an exclusive window into the mindset of the online consumer while examining sales based on multiple variables and brands.

Similarly, the release of Laptops: Online Market Insights powered by eBay Data, shows sales of laptops through eBay’s main U.S. website reaching $476 million in 2006 based on 888,220 units sold. The report shows that 14.1 million U.S. adults bought laptops online for home use via eBay

“eBay’s impact on traditional retail has been nothing short of phenomenal and these reports provide an invaluable resource for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers,” said Don Montuori, Vice President of Publishing at Packaged Facts. “As we release our quarterly updates, manufacturers, marketers and analysts can easily track online market shifts and changes in consumer behavior that until now were difficult to navigate.”

Future reports will target MP3 players, DVDs, CDs, and video games as well as individual brands within product categories. The watch report is currently available from Packaged Facts by visiting: and the laptop report by visiting