As their name suggests, Streetlight Intelligence is a leader in developing new technology for adaptive street lighting. Streetlight Intelligence’s innovative Lumen IQ™ streetlight optimization system can be retrofitted into streetlights and uses wireless two-way communication to remotely control and dim individual streetlights during non-peak periods. A global positioning system assigns coordinates to each street light, allowing outages to be located, tracked and reported via wireless systems and the Internet. Streetlight Intelligence teamed up with the City of Prince George in a pilot project to test the Lumen IQ system in 65 luminaires—and it was a resounding success. The project employed various dimming levels.

Streetlights that were dimmed by 50 per cent achieved a 40 per cent power savings, with no impact on the safety of drivers or pedestrians, and the overall energy reduction was 25 per cent, compared with standard streetlights. Thanks to the City of Prince George’s generosity in sharing the pilot results, some 30 municipalities have already expressed interest in adopting the new technology, expanding the potential savings clear across the province. When it comes to energy-efficient street lighting, Streetlight Intelligence shines bright.