The Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia (SFF BC) is partnering with the British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC) to enhance and deliver The Science Fair Program across B.C.

"This new partnership expands student outreach from Kindergarten to Grade 12, significantly increasing participation in science fairs throughout the province," said Dean Rockwell, CEO, BCIC. "Through B.C.'s regional science and technology councils, BCIC will engage technology industries with local communities to increase science fair activities at all education levels."

The Science Fair Program serves as a connecting point for industry, science fair alumni, mentors, educators, and students. It supports the promotion and awareness of regional science fairs, assists teachers in the classroom, and provides opportunities for members of B.C.'s technology industries to connect with students.

"Science fairs offer students the opportunity of discovery," said Patti Leigh, Executive Director, SFF BC. "The valuable skills and experiences gained by participating in the program enable students to achieve many great successes. In British Columbia, there are numerous success stories of science fair alumni moving forward to accomplish great things."

At the young age of 30, Devon Ross is one such science fair alumni. She is a science teacher extraordinaire at Vancouver Technical Secondary School and has been recognized nationally with a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in May 2008. Science fairs had a strong impact on her life and she hopes that her story, passion and dedication will inspire students to pursue science as she did.

"For me, science fair projects provided a unique medium for examining the world around us. I gained the confidence and passion to teach science through these new discoveries and by also having the opportunity to share my work with professors and scientists," said Ross. "I see these same revelations and sense of belonging as my students participate in science fairs. As a teacher, science fairs allow students freedom in their learning to pursue an experiment or study that interests them. This builds positive attitudes towards science and encourages active learning and creativity."

By bringing scientists into schools, hosting student career fairs, and organizing industry school tours, BCIC and SFF BC are providing students with opportunities to explore and enjoy science. This shared passion for supporting excellence in science is connecting young innovators with mentors in the science and technology fields-inspiring the next generation of leaders who will play a crucial role in B.C.'s future.