The University of Victoria’s Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) announced today an exciting initiative that will bring together its hi-tech companies in an effort to promote physical well-being and a healthy workplace – all while further strengthening the strong community that exists at VITP.  The First Annual VITP Health and Wellness Challenge is a program designed to help employers and employees develop a safe consistent routine to become fitter, healthier individuals in 90 days.

“Such a challenge creates numerous benefits for both the employees and the employers,” says VITP Vice President, Dale Gann.  “Our investment lies in the bright individuals of these companies, and in doing so, we have been able to create an environment where the level of job satisfaction is high.  Promoting such events will increase productivity, minimize turnover, lower absenteeism and improve employee morale.  It is a “win-win” situation for all those involved.”

Participants of the Health and Wellness Challenge will have an abundance of VITP amenities and events to assist them in obtaining their fitness goals.  Facilities like their 24/7 Fitness Centre, basketball and volleyball courts, bike lock-up room, walking trails, and events like VITP’s Annual Hockey Game at the Save-On Memorial Centre gives challengers every resource to excel in this Health and Wellness Challenge.  Nutritionally, the Park’s Hard Drive Café has provided a daily Health and Wellness Special to its menu in spirit of this challenge.

Not only do employees gain by such events, but employers reap considerable benefits as well.  “We use the location and VITP’s many amenities to promote and attract new talent to our organization,” says EDS Advanced Solutions’ Vice President of Human Resources, Greg Connor.  “The natural setting of pathways and trails provides a serene environment for promoting a healthy lifestyle.  It is a daily occurrence to see employees outside for lunchtime walks or using the basketball court.”