In the true spirit of facilitating business partnerships, the Vancouver Island Technology Park has made possible the close collaboration between two of its incubator tenants Avocet 3D Images and MK2 Business Solutions.

On January 1st, 2009 these two companies moved into new offices together to better enhance the services they currently offer. Both companies have been producing digital media for the North American business community for some time now and as Avocet 3D Images owner Dennett Woodland says “Our disciplines complement each other very well for the larger market and we think having a full roster of services under one roof provides better choices for the customer”.

Mk2 Business Solutions owner Matthew Chitty says “This partnership and resource sharing opportunity would not have happened if we had not been at VITP in the incubator. Up until we were introduced in the incubator we had never even heard of each other companies. In the last year we have worked together on projects and have been able to assist each other by sharing valuable information and lessons we have learned doing business. After much discussion we realized that the natural progression would be to pool our talents and move into a larger office space.”

VITP was more than happy to accommodate and with their assistance the two companies were able to relocate into a more accommodating space within the incubator to help facilitate the partnership and growth of these two startup companies.  "When great stories like this transpire, it really hits home in why we are in this game of technology parks," says Dale Gann, Acting President of VITP.  "By offering affordable office space in close proximity to other innovative companies, ideas can quickly become reality.  We are very proud of what Avocet 3D and MK2 Solutions have done and wish them continued success in the new year."