GenoLogics, the leading developer of software for translational research informatics, today announced that the Windber Research Institute has selected GenoLogics to collaborate on developing an integrated biomedical informatics software solution.  

Windber Research Institute’s primary focus is improving patient care and quality of life by rapidly translating molecular and clinical research into action. The Institute conducts translational research to identify clinical issues that confront physicians and moves these issues to the laboratory for application of advanced molecular and informatics approaches. The Institute is unique in their approach of recognizing the need to work both from the bedside to the bench, as well as from the bench to the bedside to optimize the use of existing knowledge, new technologies and biomedical systems.

“Pursuing our approach to translational research requires a robust informatics platform, such as the solution provided by GenoLogics, which manages samples and integrates data from many sciences and sources” said Dr. Richard Mural, Chief Scientific Officer at the Windber Research Institute. “We decided to work with GenoLogics to deploy a biomedical informatics solution that will allow us to integrate both discovery and clinical data into a single system for a holistic view, which is necessary to pursue the type of research we are doing.”

GenoLogics launched its new product suite for Biomedical Informatics based on feedback from leading customers such as the Windber Research Institute. “We are building on a positive partnership we’ve had with the Windber Research Institute over the past year from deploying our Research Informatics solution” said GenoLogics technical accounts representative Jason Attanucci. “Our collaborative approach and open communication style with our clients provides us with insights to develop new solutions that advance the breakthrough work being done by groups such as Windber.”

The Institute has developed particular strengths in the areas of tissue banking and patient sample annotation, a patient-centric data model in support of integration of clinical, molecular and imaging data, and a work-flow based system for data analytics that focuses on its unique model for translational medicine. “The Biomedical Informatics product suite from GenoLogics supports these strengths, while allowing us to improve efficiencies and rapidly translate research results into improved patient care,” said Dr. Hai Hu, Senior Director of Bioinformatics at the Windber Research Institute. 

GenoLogics’ Biomedical Informatics software solution helps organizations track observational studies, collect patient data at remote sites, provide biospecimen and clinical annotations management and facilitate researchers querying on clinical information and requesting samples. The suite is comprised of five integrated products: BioVault for biospecimen management; BioChronicle for clinical annotations management; BioQuest to enable Web access; BioSphere for study management; and BioSource to enable electronic patient questionnaires.

“We are very excited to be working with the Windber Research Institute as one of the lead customers contributing to the development of our Biomedical Informatics product suite,” says James DeGreef, VP Market Strategy for GenoLogics. “Our new Biomedical Informatics solution is being designed to complement our market-leading Research Informatics product line, which together will enable institutes such as Windber to pursue their translational research vision.”