GenoLogics today announced that Geneus, their lab and data management system for genomics, was selected by Illumina to provide a combined solution offering with the Illumina sequencing platform, Genome Analyzer.

“We went to market to find a lab and data management partner that complemented our next generation sequencing platform in its ability to provide scalability, flexible workflow management, data pipelining capabilities, and an ability to support multiple applications, and the GenoLogics’ genomics solution, Geneus, proved to be an excellent fit,” said Omoshile Clement, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager of Informatics for Illumina. Dr. Clement continued, “The comprehensive way in which we are working with GenoLogics is a new approach for us, taking our partnership to a whole new level by integrating Genome Analyzer workflows into Geneus, in addition to integrating other Illumina platforms.”

The principles of the Illumina business partnership with GenoLogics include working on many initiatives across the company and making Illumina’s customers aware of the unique strengths of the Geneus solution. From a technology perspective, the partnership provides customers with a clear path to obtain an end-to-end lab and data management solution for next generation sequencing as well as a single system for enabling cross-genomics experiments.

“We are pleased that Illumina’s in-depth evaluations found Geneus to be a uniquely well suited genomics lab and data management solution for their Genome Analyzer,” said Michael Ball, CEO for GenoLogics. “Our partnership will provide clients with a single solution for genomics labs from sample submissions to results, no matter what type of research they are conducting from sequencing to microarray and real-time PCR platforms.”

Geneus supports Illumina’s Genome Analyzer and iScan data workflows for multiple genomics applications and provides genomics centers with an end-to-end solution from sample and workflow tracking to automating their bioinformatics pipelining and enabling reporting. Geneus is fully compatible with Illumina sequencing software components including GenomeStudio™.

Geneus is part of a broader suite of science-purposed informatics solution for discovery labs. Along with the GenoLogics product suite for biomedical informatics, Geneus enables research organizations to conduct translational research and other cross-science research efficiently and effectively.