Written by Dickson Melville

Winter or summer, Dr. Jody Haddow, president of Immuno Precise at VITP, was readily recognized by his short pants.  It was his “go-to-work garb” for more than four years.  But, times are a changing.  Last week he went out and bought two suits, five shirts and a couple of ties.

His conversion did not take place on the road to Damascus, but not far from there, as he prepared to take on a teaching job half-way around the world from VITP in the Arab Emirates where suit, shirt and tie are mandatory for assistant professors.

While retaining his presidency of Immuno Precise Antibodies at VITP, Haddow, who received his PHD at the University of Victoria, will be teaching biochemistry and doing research at United Arab Emirates University, located at Al Ain, a short distance from Dubai.  He expects to be there at least four years, accompanied by his wife and two children. 

“It really is a wonderful opportunity,” Haddow said. “The housing is provided and the children will be attending private school.”

He gets 11 weeks vacation each summer and expects to return to Victoria at those times.

The offer to Haddow has been made frequently over the last four years since he worked with UVic  Proteomics and met an instructor on a sabbatical from the United Arab Emirates University. Finally, after long talks with his family and Immuno Precise Robert Beecroft, he bought the suits.

His email, for those who want to keep in touch, is: haddow@uvic.ca.