announced today the launch of PC and Mac versions of the GPhotospace Add-on for Firefox and Flock. Leveraging the Gmail platform, the GPhotospace Add-on shares albums online many times faster than most solutions. GPhotospace also announced today that proceeds from the software will be donated to help sustainability in rural Africa through the relief organization Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief.

Using GPhotospace, private photo sharing becomes extremely straightforward. In a seamless experience within the Add-on, users simply select their photos, upload them to their GMail storage, select their recipients and send album viewing invitations through email.

Says founder Colin How, "I was on my phone with my brother while he was getting started with GPhotospace. Within seconds he had selected 170 megs of images and was sharing them with me. The speed is the difference maker."

Addressing privacy concerns, GPhotospace has engineered a unique solution where users' Gmail credentials are used to log-in, but these credentials are never actually sent or stored on any servers other than Gmail's servers, using an encrypted https connection. Additionally, users who choose not to use their main Gmail account with GPhotospace can simply create a new Gmail account specifically for their photo storage.

"This is really the best of both worlds for those wanting quick private sharing," says GPhotospace CTO John Harley. "For Gmail users, the familiar interface will have them sharing photo albums in seconds. For those not using Gmail as their main email program, GPhotospace is a compelling reason to grab a free Gmail account and use it exclusively to share their photos, quickly and securely."

GPhotospace founders Colin How and John Harley are excited to give their user-base the ability to make a real difference in people's lives. In lieu of payment, they are asking those who rely on GPhotospace to make a donation to help plant a tree in Africa through CPAR ( "CPAR is very excited about the opportunity that this partnership with GPhotospace presents. We believe that this joint effort which links technology with eco-friendly sustainable solutions such as tree-planting in Africa, is an excellent way to support communities on a global scale," says Roxane Tracey, Communications & Fundraising Manager, CPAR.

GPhotospace is now available for immediate download for Mac and PC at


GPhotospace was created by a group of photo enthusiasts and Internet veterans eager to break down the barriers of photo-sharing online. The result is a Firefox extension that leverages Gmail to provide quick, easy uploading with loads of free storage.

The GPhotospace team has over 30 years experience working in the digital imaging software space for companies such as Adobe and ACD Systems. The combination of industry knowledge and shared frustrations led to the creation of this new extension that facilitates online photo sharing among friends and family.

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