In response to their continually expanding role as corporate leaders in the global elearning industry, Victoria's Etraffic Solutions is expanding their office space in the Vancouver Island Technology Park, located at 4464 Markham Street.

Etraffic Solutions is doubling the area of their office space to include more meeting rooms and to accommodate new staff members. “Our core deliverable is in developing elearning solutions and the elearning industry is really the only growth area arising from the dot-com revolution,” explains John Juricic, Director at Etraffic Solutions. “Our office expansion reflects the exponential growth that Etraffic has experienced in the last year.”

Juricic sees potential for even further expansion. “This is Phase II of our arrival to the Vancouver Island Technology Park,” he says. “If our growth continues as it has, there will most likely be a third and fourth expansion phase in the future.”

The current expansion will increase Etraffic's office space from approximately 2,100 square feet to 4,000 square feet. Etraffic Solutions will soon be able to accommodate a full-time staff of 37 employees.