U.S.-based Canary Foundation’s Don Listwin challenges more companies to create a derby team and support early cancer detection research. www.canaryderby.com 


(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) Don Listwin, founder of the Canary Foundation, announced the June dates today while touring the BC Cancer Agency in Victoria, B.C. The derby brings together the BC technology and business community, Canary Foundation of Canada and BC Cancer Foundation to help support early detection research.


“The derby dates have been set,” Don Listwin said today, “Victoria and Vancouver teams will be competing against each other for the second time.” “We hope the technology industry will continue to make the most important investments in your life – the early detection of cancer.” 2009 Canary Derby Race Kit http://www.canaryderby.com/_pdfs/victoria-2009RaceKit-v2.pdf 2009 Call for Teams http://www.canaryderby.com/_pdfs/victoria-2009call-for-teams.pdf


The fundraising goal is to raise more than $500,000 in B.C. over the next two years to support the early detection work at the BC Cancer Agency right here in B.C. Last year, the third annual derby in Victoria and the inaugural derby in Vancouver raised over $250,000 for early detection cancer research.


The funds raised in 2008 were used to purchase equipment for Dr. Brad Nelson's Canary Project lab at BC Cancer Agency's Trev & Joyce Deeley Research Centre in Victoria, BC. Dr. Nelson's Canary Project team has recently added two new employees and now comprises six full-time staff dedicated to developing blood tests to measure novel candidate biomarkers for ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, and lung cancers.


California- based and Canadian born, Don Listwin, a 25-year-veteran in the high-tech industry, began an ambitious research project that he believes will produce a simple, life-saving blood test by 2015. Mr. Listwin founded the Canary Foundation after his mother's death from ovarian cancer. The mission of Canary Foundation is to advance early detection of cancer, when it is most treatable and chances for a full recovery are greatest. 


About Canary Foundation

Canary Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the goal of identifying cancer early through a simple blood test and then isolating it with imaging. Since 2004, Canary has raised over $27.9 million in pledges towards its goal of $100 million for early detection research. Its collaborative research programs span multiple disciplines and institutions. 100% of donations go to early detection research activities. For more information, please visit www.canaryfoundation.org


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