Victoria, BC, CANADA _ October 16, 2007 _ GenoLogics, a leading developer of lab and data management software solutions for life sciences research, today announced it will work closely with London Genetics Ltd., a commercial company whose purpose is to facilitate and manage partnerships between the health care industry and centers of biomedical excellence in London, to identify opportunities for collaboration.

GenoLogics will help promote London Genetics’ efforts in building an extensive research network of scientists and clinicians through joint workshops and scientific forums. As London Genetics builds different combinations of discrete biological, experimental and bioinformatics expertise and resources across London, GenoLogics will, where appropriate, provide advice and expertise to ensure that a suitable lab informatics infrastructure is in place to manage these complex networks. GenoLogics and London Genetics will also work together to identify collaborative projects and grant funding opportunities.

Nick Lench, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer at London Genetics commented, “We are very pleased to include GenoLogics as one of our cutting-edge technology partners. This relationship will benefit both companies as we work collaboratively to connect researchers with solutions that meet their needs. By working with London Genetics, customers benefit from being able to directly access London’s diverse pool of biomedical resources and expertise through a single point of contact.” Through its partners, London Genetics can provide access to a wide range of offerings including, well-defined clinical and population cohorts, tissue banks, ‘omics’ software and technologies as well as access to key opinion leaders from multiple disciplines and therapeutic areas.

Through this partnership, GenoLogics will provide complimentary expertise to potential London Genetics consortia in the area of informatics infrastructure. Projects will be able to take advantage of their OMIX lab informatics platform coupled with purposed proteomics (Proteus) and genomics (Geneus) modules to help provide a multi-lab and multi-science platform with a common database for all consortia partners, independent of role. This will in turn help allow each partner to rapidly interchange and share their leading edge research data reducing to a minimum data redundancy and time consuming manual transcriptions of data, while increasing the opportunities to automatically capture instrument based experimental data and perform downstream data analysis options. So that all partners are provided with data with a high level of provenance and security, which in turn will help support and secure novel discoveries. Imperial College London and St George’s, University of London, both existing GenoLogics customers, are two of the seven leading research institutions supporting London Genetics. London Genetics’ additional Partners are The Institute of Cancer Research, King’s College London, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Queen Mary, University of London and University College London.