OTTAWA, ONT – Dale Gann, President of the Association of University Research Parks in Canada, today said:  “We applaud the attention given infrastructure in the budget, believing that the intent is to define infrastructure in the broadest sense of the word.  We refer to knowledge-based infrastructure as an investment with proven return. “

“While roads need repair and bridges need to be built, this represents an important, but one-time transfusion,” Gann said.  “But, the return on investment for the infrastructure AURP Canada supports is significant and is ongoing. In fact, it is estimated the annual economic impact of Canadian research parks is over $3 billion with approximately 18% in the form of direct new and sustainable taxation to government.”

He said that AURP stands ready to join with all levels of government in creating opportunities for policy-makers, industry and academic leaders to engage with each other in the common purpose of creating jobs and improving the quality of life through the stimulation of economic development.

“This is not speculative. Science and technology parks around the world support the power of innovation through the power of place, the eco system of facilities, services and amenities, all to assist organizations, many of them small companies, in their growth.  More than 39,000 people work in Canada’s 26 research parks, and we have the potential to see many more employed in this segment of the economy. Every job in a research park generates an average of 2.57 jobs in the economy resulting in a total employment impact of more than 107,250 jobs.”

It is the knowledge based infrastructure that governments must consider as they look for “shovel-ready” projects to stimulate economic growth and prosperity,” Gann said.  “Each university-associated science and technology park has projects that could be started tomorrow – projects that in turn provide the innovation that drive the nation.

“Our Association is ready, willing and very capable.”


Dale Gann

President, AURP Canada