Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANPI, TSX: ANP), a global specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company today announced that is has received European approval for CE mark of its Quill(R) Self-Retaining System (SRS). Launched early in the year in the United States, Quill(R) SRS is expected to launch commercially in Europe mid-year. “With the potential to improve patient outcomes, save time in the operating room, and enhance procedural techniques, Quill(R) SRS represents the next generation in wound closure technology,” said Dr. William Hunter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Angiotech. “In the first three months of launch in the United States we have seen strong physician interest in this product, and expect similar reception in Europe,” added Dr. Hunter. “We believe that Quill(R) has a unique advantage as its patented self-retaining system (SRS) allows for wound closure without the need for knots,” commented Dr. Santi Corsaro, Vice President, Sales and Marketing in Europe. “With the approval of Quill(R) SRS in Europe, as well as the expected approval of the Vascular Wrap(TM) product later this year, we are starting to build our sales and marketing infrastructure to support these two important franchises,” added Dr. Corsaro. About the Quill(R) Self-Retaining System (SRS) The innovative Quill(R) SRS represents the next generation of wound closure technology. A patented helical barbed design enables surgeons to suture without the use of knots. The absence of knots provides a wide range of clinical and economic benefits, including: Potential to improve patient outcomes: – Minimizes complications associated with knots – Potential to improve wound healing – May enhance cosmesis Potential to save time in the operating room: – Achieves potentially significant time savings, especially in suture intensive procedures Enhanced procedural techniques: – Allows closure of difficult wounds – Enables suturing in tight laces – Allows the surgeon to control tension