In today’s Budget, the Government of British Columbia announced a $14 billion investment in infrastructure projects. “I applaud the Government on its commitment to investing in infrastructure projects such as technology parks that create jobs and will contribute to the economic recovery of British Columbia,” said Dale Gann, President of the Canadian Association of University Research Parks (AURP Canada).

“AURP Canada will work in collaboration with the federal and provincial government to ensure that infrastructure investments are directed to projects that can be key drivers of the economy,” Gann said following the Budget speech.  “Many of these projects are already up and running and ready to take the next step.  These projects have proven records of return, which means that any new investment will start to show immediate and continuing impact to our economy.”

Of the twenty-three “shovel-ready” projects that exist across Canada, AURP Canada has identified five LEED-certified projects from three technology parks in British Columbia: Vancouver Island Technology Park, Discovery Parks, and Great Northern Way Campus.

Gann said he applauds the financial foresight of the British Columbia Government in investing in knowledge-based infrastructure like technology parks which can result in significant economic benefits for the province.

AURP Canada represents twenty-six research and technology parks across Canada and is part of the North American association that represents 155 research and technology parks in Canada and the United States.  AURP Canada is committed towards building awareness about science and technology infrastructure in Canada and its critical role it plays in future growth and sustainability of these knowledge-based communities.


About AURP Canada
The Association of University Research Parks (AURP) is a North American non-profit organization that represents the 155 university research parks across the United States and Canada. In 2007, Canadian members of AURP determined that Canada’s 26 research parks required a national organization to unite   the collective efforts of each park, and to establish an advocacy strategy with provincial and federal governments that would ultimately result in enhanced support of research and innovation within Canada. On August 1st of 2007 AURP Canada became the first official chapter of AURP.  AURP Canada is to act as the united voice of Canadian university research parks to build awareness in support of science and technology infrastructure enabling all stakeholders to achieve future growth and sustainability while nurturing the economic prosperity of these knowledge-based communities.