Is it football or soccer?

That is one of the many new decisions 10 University of Victoria grads are faced with as their company, TeamPages, goes international.

Mike Tan and Nikolas Laufer-Edel hatched the idea for the web-based athlete resource after missing an intramural playoff game.

The two, then captains, couldn’t find a schedule and didn’t know their team’s ranking, so they decided to make a website which would be a tool for coaches and players.

Tan had no idea the website would grow so quickly, as the company now celebrates its first birthday. The sense of being a business owner hit him in October, when he was able to move the business out of his cramped apartment and into an office on Yates Street.

Now the company has its tentacles in the U.S. and Europe. TeamPages is looking to expand its user count to 30,000 over the next few months.

“I think the toughest thing was just leaving our old jobs and jumping in with two feet,” Tan said.

“Just taking that leap of faith.”

Tan believes there are many opportunities in Victoria for students to build and start their own businesses. Lots of grants and educational programs are available to young entrepreneurs in B.C., he said.

“High schools are also pushing entrepreneurship,” Tan said.

TeamPages was the winning entry among 30 projects submitted in the IDC Challenge, staged by the University of Victoria’s Innovation Development Corporation.

Entering the market down south was a major step. Tan noted the whole ball game in the United States is a lot different than in Canada.

“In the U.S. they love their sports. They spend so much money, so much time on sports, it is a big part of their life compared to Canada where we are a bit more easy going when it comes to sports,” Tan said.

This year Tan hopes TeamPages will start pulling in some of the money he spent to get it to its current stage.  He is excited for overseas business to roll in.