Advanced Economic Research Systems (AERS), the only company to focus exclusively on eBay market research, today launched Terapeak 5.0  – their highly refined web solution that uncovers strategies and products that deliver maximum profits for anyone selling on eBay. 

The latest version of Terapeak 5.0 is a subscription-based market research toolset that provides sellers with a complete understanding of opportunities on the eBay platform. These tools include: item pricing information (average pricing, sell-through rates, and more); the best keywords and categories to use; how to determine when your customer will be shopping; and two years' worth of category trends to track individual item seasonality. New Terapeak tools include information on what shoppers are searching for on the eBay platform and what products and titles are experiencing the most sales activity. Even better, Terapeak 5.0 has wrapped the powerful functionality in an easy-to-use interface that is welcoming to new users and existing subscribers.

AERS’ consumer is anyone who sells on eBay, the world’s largest and fastest growing ecommerce platform. eBay saw more than 56 billion transactions in 2007.  Terapeak 5.0 is available for visitor demonstrations at:

Fred Speckeen, AERS President and Chief Executive Officer says, “More people than ever are selling both new and used items on eBay.  Terapeak 5.0 helps you maximize your profits in a market that has more than five million new listings each day.  It is a fun, reliable and easy-to-use solution with innovative features that take the guesswork out of your eBay experience.”

Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Sukow, takes it further, explaining, “This advanced version is the result of intense design innovation to create the industry’s leading market research tool for use with eBay.  Terapeak 5.0 offers vastly superior web interface products with newly enhanced features and functionality designed to create a fresh, seamless and fun user experience, regardless of whether you’re an eBay PowerSeller or an eBay novice.”

Terapeak 5.0 will also be showcased at the eBay Live! 2008 Community Conference June 19 – 21 in Chicago, Illinios.