Streetlight IntelligencePENTICTON, British Columbia, September 19, 2008 – This week, the City of Penticton is installing an adaptive street lighting system – among the first of its kind to be installed in British Columbia – that will help the municipality reduce its environmental footprint, improve street lighting and cut maintenance costs, Streetlight Intelligence Inc. (TSX-V: SLQ) announces.

“We are pleased to see Penticton join other BC communities in reaping the energy and cost-savings benefits of intelligent streetlight management,” said Vince Krynski, CEO of Streetlight Intelligence, headquartered in Victoria. “The typical Canadian municipality spends about one-third of its energy budget on street lighting and our system can reduce that amount by up to 50 per cent.”

The City-owned and operated electric utility is installing the Lumen IQ™ Streetlight Optimization System. Penticton has ordered lamp heads into which Streetlight Intelligence will pre-install its Lumen IQ™ C200 Lamp Controllers. The system also includes a Lumen IQ™ Station Communication Hub, which allows all of the lights to be centrally controlled.

“This initiative will not only make us a more sustainable community by reducing our power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it is also a powerful way to save on maintenance costs,” said Penticton Mayor Jake Kimberley.

Terry Andreychuk, General Manager of the Electric Utility, says this initiative offers substantial energy savings and an increased life span for streetlights fitted with the technology. Although initially being implemented as a pilot project it could result in potential savings to the City in the tens of thousands of dollars. The City will also be able to take advantage of rebate incentives under the FortisBC’s Power Sense Program. The anticipated energy and maintenance savings, combined with support from Fortis BC’s Power Sense program means installation of this technology will pay for itself within four or five years.

The Lumen IQ™ Streetlight Optimization System uses wireless technology that allows municipalities to monitor and control individual streetlights via the Internet. Any number of lights can be turned on or off, or dimmed, to reduce over-lighting in specific areas and during times when there is little or no pedestrian traffic. It also reduces light pollution and energy wastage as well as extending bulb life by 20 per cent.

The Lumen IQ™ has achieved significant success in BC. All 70 streetlights on the newly opened William R. Bennett Bridge in Kelowna contain Lumen IQ™ controllers, helping to make this one of the most technologically-advanced sections of roadway in Canada. The system has also been installed in Prince George, where the City partnered with BC Hydro and netted energy savings of 40 per cent with no noticeable change in lighting quality.


About Streetlight Intelligence

Streetlight Intelligence Inc. is a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (trading symbol: SLQ). SLQ leads the way in designing, manufacturing and marketing products and services for the streetlight industry. STI’s proprietary Lumen I
Q™ technology allows streetlights to be remotely turned on/off or dimmed at specified times, which results in significant energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution. The Lumen IQ™ network also immediately identifies malfunctioning streetlights allowing substantial maintenance cost savings.

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