With umpteen hundred news articles available daily on the Internet, finding ones of interest is the challenge two young entrepreneurs are trying to solve with their new company, MT Mind Technology.

The name is more than just a “terrible pun,” explains Evan Willms. “The state of the empty mind is our goal,” he said. He and partner Duncan MacRae’s flagship product, Sprout, is designed to deliver articles of interest to clients based on their own preferences.

While other article-finding applications require set-up time for inputting search criteria, MT Mind constructs a customer profile based on their rating (a sad leaf or happy leaf) given to previous articles.

As clients rate more and more articles, their profile is refined to their tastes.

The key is to totally focus on what you’re doing without worrying about how you’re doing it, hence the empty mind.

“What we’re really offering is sort of an info-tainment,” said Willms. “We’re trying to pull things that you’re not going to find any other way, so it could be a New York Times article (or) on the other hand, it equally could be an indepth blog posting from someone you’ve never heard of … We’re not replacing things like your daily newspaper or your trade-specific magazine because those are very topically focused and we’re drawing from a much bigger pool.”

MacRae and Willms, old high school buddies both turning 23 this month, ditched their degrees mid-way through to launch the company.

“Being so young and having no other experience, to make a choice to leave school … is of course, daunting but has proven to be an incredibly interesting choice,” said MacRae.

After a year working out of a basement, they were selected to join the Vancouver Island Technology Park’s incubator, an area of cheap rental space reserved for new entrepreneurs who show promise.

“We take a look at their business plan and we see if they are doing any innovative things where we can see a potential growth,” said Av Hundle, manager of business development and marketing at the park.

While other companies have taken about a year to “graduate” from the incubator, Hundle said MT Mind is the fastest to move on to be full-fledged clients.

On Feb. 9, MacRae and Willms are launching their Sprout pilot to the public. Visit their website at www.mtmindsoftware.ca.