Frank Palmer, Chairman and CEO of DDB Canada launched Carmanah Technologies’ newest addition: the i-PANEL™ illuminated advertising panel.

“The i-PANELâ„¢ is an ideal application of our solar-powered LED lighting and solar energy management technologies,” said Carmanah CEO, Art Aylesworth. “We have been working with the outdoor advertising industry, developing techniques to illuminate a 4’ x 6’ advertising panel. Our new solar lighting technology meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the world’s largest outdoor advertising firms – while providing a clean energy solution with independence from the power grid.”

Thursday’s visit to Vancouver by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights the priority being given to renewable energy and encouraging everyone to play their part in reducing emissions. For advertisers, the i-PANEL™ provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership.

Transit shelter advertising panels, with their high visibility to both vehicle traffic and pedestrians, are one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising and a key source of revenue for city and transit authorities. In North America alone, the ad panel market currently generates approximately $300M in annual revenues and is growing at a rate of 8% per year.

Illuminated advertising panels provide advertisers with market access 24 hours per day. Until now, one of the primary issues of an illuminated ad panel program was access to power, and the number of ad panels in a program that would be lighted was influenced by the possibility and/or cost effectiveness of a grid connection. Currently, less than 30% of the bus shelters in North America are fitted with illuminated ad panels.