The Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) will utilize real-time energy monitoring to increase its energy efficiency thanks to BC Hydro’s new Continuous Optimization program. The energy management software will be provided by West Vancouver’s Pulse Energy.

Through the program, which aims to improve the operating efficiency of older commercial buildings, the company will also receive a comprehensive energy audit.
“This program will help our facilities reduce energy consumption by an estimated seven per cent,” said Dale Gann, VITP president. “Our goal is to be a leader in energy efficiency and we are pleased to be working towards that goal with help from Pulse Energy, a B.C.-based technology company.”

New digital meters will replace existing meters at the technology park and will provide data on energy use every 15 minutes to help building operators determine whether energy consumption is on or off target.

“The Technology Park has made an ongoing commitment to make real improvements in their energy efficiency. This has made them ideal partners for this innovative project,” said David Helliwell, Pulse Energy co-founder. “Pulse software will enable the Technology Park to reduce their energy use by automatically alerting operations personnel of energy-wasting anomalies.”

“Over time, buildings do not operate as optimally as they should and use more energy than they should to satisfy occupant comfort and lighting requirements,” said Lisa Coltart, executive director of Power Smart & Customer Care, BC Hydro. “However, this can be fixed through the implementation of low-cost changes and those are the opportunities we hope to help building operators identify through this program.”

The program is open to facilities larger than 50,000 square feet. Companies that participate are provided with energy management software and an energy audit and must agree to complete and fund any retrofits that fall within a two-year payback period.

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