Bradford County School District has recently adopted Student Performance SnapShot as its data analysis provider. Carol Clyatt, Director of School Improvement & Accountability for Bradford County Schools, says, "Snapshot provides data in a format that teachers can easily understand and immediately apply.  It is user friendly with charts and graphs that give explicit details. The trainer made it seem like child's play, and those who attended the initial training walked away confident and excited."
"Etraffic welcomes Bradford County to the growing ranks of SnapShot users in Florida," says John Juricic, partner with Etraffic Solutions. "SnapShot is now actively used by over one in four of school districts in the state of Florida, with active trials being conducted in many more. We are finding an increased interest in SnapShot as the state focuses on the effective use of data to improve the quality for education for Florida students and we are happy to support this very positive trend."
SnapShot takes key data that schools collect on their students, such as test scores and demographics, analyses it, and presents it in an easy to comprehend format. By simplifying data analysis, teachers and administrators are able to make the best use of their time and maximize their impact on student performance and school improvement.
"Snapshot gets valuable information to teachers quickly so that they can concentrate on what they do best: teaching. A teacher's work with their students is what really counts. By making it easier for teachers and administrators to comprehend student achievement data, we hope to make their job easier and to positively impact student performance at their school." says Juricic.
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